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VAT Issue - QuickBook Desktop Pro 2019



I hope someone can help with the issue I am having with QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019.


I ran the VAT 100 report for the period 1st April 2019 to 30th June 2019 and it stated "VAT Amount not assigned a line on your VAT return £853.40.   This is the box 5 balance of the previous VAT return.


Having looked at the journal for the previous VAT return I noted some strange entries: VAT Journal.png

What should be posted to Box 4 seems to have been moved to Box 2 and what should be in Box 1 just states Box NONE. 


I've been back through the transactions to check the VAT codes and all are either Z, R or S as per normal.  I have checked the transaction modified date to confirm nothing was changed after the VAT was processed and nothing was changed.   I've also checked all the journals, again ok.


I can't find a help page that covers this issue, does anyone have an idea of what else I should be looking at?


Many thanks in advance.



QuickBooks Team

Re: VAT Issue - QuickBook Desktop Pro 2019

Hello Nathan,


First of all welcome to Community.


Sorry to see you are having trouble with your VAT the first issue you mention with regards to "VAT Amount not assigned a line on your VAT return £853.40" this could be fixed by rolling back the VAT and redoing it. However could not guarantee this would work. The second issue which you have mentioned with regards to the box 4 information moving does sound odd.


I think due to the complexity of the issues you are having it would be best to contact our care team for QuickBooks Desktop so that we can fully investigate your query I have included their number here.


Please let us know if you have any further/follow up questions before contacting us.