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Become a ProAdvisor to unlock free access to QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT. Save up to $2,690*

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How it works

It’s simple. Sign up to QuickBooks Online Accountant (it's free) and then earn points for doing what comes naturally, like adding clients and achieving certification.
The more points you earn, the more benefits you unlock.


Add a QuickBooks Online subscription for a client


Complete QuickBooks Online certification


Complete Advanced QuickBooks Online Certification

Win new clients

Our Find-a-ProAdvisor directory is used by thousands of small businesses looking for a new accountant or bookkeeper and once you’re QuickBooks certified, you’ll get a free listing to promote your practice.

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Advance your expertise

Access free self-paced training and become a certified or advanced-certified QuickBooks expert. Continue your learning with tips and tricks from our free product update webinars.

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Get the perks a pro deserves, save up to $2,690*

Sign up to QuickBooks Online Accountant and you’ll unlock benefits including free access to QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT, wholesale pricing benefits, free training, phone support and more*.

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Benefits and tiers

Becoming a ProAdvisor unlocks benefits from day one. The faster you grow and earn points, the faster you’ll elevate your status and rewards.

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Points needed
0 to 399 pts
400 to 1199 pts
1200 to 3999 pts
4000+ pts
QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT
Income Tax Returns (Company, Trust, Partnership, SMSF)
Secure, accurate and fast tax form preparation and lodgment direct to the ATO.
BAS & Individual Tax Returns
Seamlessly track and e-lodge activity statements, Individual Tax Returns, TPAR, TFN declarations and more from the one place.
Unlimited e-signatures
Accelerate client approvals with unlimited e-signatures.
Software and services
Your own books
Manage your own firm's books with a free QuickBooks Online Plus subscription added to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account.
Asset Accountant (Subscription discount)
Simplify depreciation with a solution that completely automates accounting and tax depreciation calculations for all fixed assets.
Enjoy 50% off QuickBooks subscriptions for your clients.
Free QuickBooks Online Payroll for your firm
Manage your practice’s payroll directly from QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Time - Time tracking
Free subscription to QuickBooks Time, the app that helps manage your timesheets and syncs the data with your firm’s books.
Marketing tools
Listing in the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory
Showcase your skills and services to a vast, diverse range of potential clients. (Certification required to publish your profile).
Digital Badges
Add badges to your website, social media profiles, or business cards to promote your QuickBooks Online expertise. Get your badge, plus info on following our brand guidelines.
Constant contact email marketing (Subscription discount)
Everything you need to easily create professional emails that drive real results for your business.
Product Support
Award-winning support
Our Aussie support team are dedicated to assisting you over phone and chat every business day.
Karbon Work Management Software for Accounting Firms
Discount on all Karbon implementation and support services, exclusive to QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Tailored pricing available on request.
Skill up your team and hit the ground running with a library of self-paced e-Learning courses and certifications.

Full terms and conditions for the ProAdvisor Program can be found here.

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