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Transform your accounting practice with the power of automation

Accounting automation takes the manual, generic elements of an accountant’s typical workday and processes it automatically and quickly. In your day-to-day work as an accountant, that means no longer having to build complex ledger files or enter a lot of manual data.

As an accountant, you are the financial backbone of your company. You handle all things finance and by removing tedious, simple processes capable of being automated, you free yourself to spend more time on analysis and strategy which drives your continued value within the company. 

In this article we will cover:

  • What types of accounting tasks can be automated?
  • How to automate accounting
  • How automation helps accountants scale and streamline their accounting practice
  • The advantages of automation in accounting
  • Making the switch to automated accounting software

What types of accounting tasks can be automated? 

There are myriad accounting tasks that can be automated. These include: 

  • accounts payable and receivable
  • payroll
  • expense management
  • general ledger
  • invoicing
  • data capture such as from receipts
  • cash flow analysis
  • financial reporting

How to automate accounting 

One of the ways in which you can automate your accounting is to switch to cloud-based automated accounting software. 

Developed specifically for accountants and accounting firms, QuickBooks Online Accountant supports accountants by automating key accounting processes. This includes your general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, financial statements and reports such as profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis as well as the digital capture of receipts (particularly useful at tax time).

See how QuickBooks Online Accountant drives workflow efficiency for accountants and accounting firms.

How automation helps accountants scale and streamline their accounting practice

At a glance: automated cloud accounting software vs traditional accounting software

  Automated Cloud Accounting Software Traditional Accounting Software
Access Your access is unrestricted and not time-bound because the software is hosted on a remote server. You can access your data anytime from any device with an internet connection, regardless of location. Your access is typically restricted and time-bound to regular working hours because the software would be installed on your desktop computer on-premises.
Efficiency Your traditional accounting tasks can be streamlined and automated, providing you with updated and real-time data that facilitates financial reporting in real-time. You would have to enter data manually and repeatedly, which is time-consuming.
Accuracy You can achieve improved accuracy by reducing manual data entry and increasing automation. You have a higher risk of human error due to manual data entry.

The advantages of automation in accounting

There are numerous advantages to incorporating automation into your accounting practice. Below are 5 key benefits of automation in accounting.

1. Save time

This is most clearly recognised at particular junctions such as during end of financial year reporting. By looking for systems, processes, and tasks that can be automated, you are freeing up time to focus your energy on more strategic activities that drive value and growth. Automation in accounting eliminates the need for manual data entry to free up your time.

2. Improve performance and productivity

With more time at hand, you can focus on value-adding activities such as strategic financial advice and support.

3. Increase accuracy and reduce error

Machines do not often commit errors and can process huge amounts of data quickly. Quicker processing, real-time access and insight, and informed decision-making are the powerful end results.

4. Make information and insights accessible

Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere. Retrieve information, connect different data sets, and pull together insights whenever you choose. Cloud-based software, which uses artificial intelligence, offers convenience and opportunity by providing access to data anytime, anywhere. All data is stored in a single repository. QuickBooks Online Accountant provides detailed analytics and customised reports to help you make better and quicker financial decisions. 

5. Guarantee secure access and storage

Unlike paper records or software placed on a particular desktop, cloud-based access comes with a robust security guarantee. To ensure security when using online applications, work with reputable, trusted service providers with proven track records. QuickBooks Online Accountant incorporates robust security protocols such as passwords-protected logins, two-factor authentication, encryption, and limits access rights only to authorised users. QuickBooks provides real-time integration through up-to-date software you can trust and access to real-time data at your fingertips.

Making the switch to automated accounting software with QuickBooks

The future of accounting relies heavily on smart accounting automation software. Accountants can sign up to use QuickBooks Online Accountant for free in their accounting firm to streamline workflow and automate accounting tasks. Smart automation drives efficiency and helps make better, informed financial decisions for businesses.


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