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Single Touch Payroll registration wizard

With the deadline for Single Touch Payroll (STP) fast approaching, business owners who employ will be required to setup employee reporting for STP via a compliant payroll program.

Employment Hero Single Touch Payroll setup wizard

QuickBooks Payroll, powered by Employment Hero, now offers an easy to use wizard to streamline the setting up of STP. From the Employee Centre, simply activate the file for STP reporting using the steps below or check out the video.

  1. Click on the Employees Centre from the main dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Enable Single Touch Payroll’ button, top right of screen
  3. Familiarise yourself with ‘What is Single Touch Payroll’, and click ‘Proceed’
  4. Confirm or update ‘Business Details’. When satisfied, click ‘Next’
  5. Who will be lodging STP events for this business? This section is where a selection is made as to who will be lodging the regular pay events for STP to the ATO.
  6. As an Employer – the employer will lodge all STP submissions to the ATO
  7. As a Registered Agent – the external registered BAS or Tax Agent will lodge all or some STP submissions to the ATO
  8. As an Intermediary – the employer will lodge all STP submissions to the ATO and there is more than one employing entity set up in the business.
  9. The final step is to let the ATO know the business’ unique software ID. Using either of the two methods, provide the ATO with both the Software Provider name – Employment Hero and the Software ID number unique to the business. Note – even if you do have an AusKey, Option 2 can still be used. Call the ATO on the provided number to register the Software ID with the ATO. Allow about 5 minutes for the call. Tick the acknowledgment box, and then click on ‘Complete’ to finalise the activation of STP within your QuickBooks file.

Remember, don’t forget to register the business’ unique Software ID with the ATO.

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