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Dardee & Apps – An electrical company’s story

Our business focuses on providing solutions to our clients that save them time, money and allow them to focus on their core, income-producing activities. We have many businesses such as tradies that come to us looking for efficiencies that cloud accounting software and apps/add-ons can provide.

This is the part of our job we love most. We get the opportunity to really make a difference to someone’s business, and in a lot of cases, get their life back.

Dardee are based in the Southern Highlands of NSW having moved from Sydney in May this year. Hence many of our clients are still all over Sydney. Because we only work with cloud software, location is no barrier to where our clients are. We travel when necessary but most work is done from our own office. This is a big selling point to our clients as many are small businesses also looking to not be tied down to any one computer.

So how can we do all of this? How can we be so far away from our clients and still provide a great service? In the same way we advise our clients to streamline their own businesses, we look for applications that suit the requirements of the individual situations. We are then able to come up with a solution that integrates well, reduces/eradicates duplication of data, and saves time, hence saving money.

A recent example of this happened a few weeks ago, with an electrical company called Crowe Electrical. The owner was already using an online application that looked after his quotes and invoicing but didn’t provide any facility for recording expenses. He was having to run the payroll manually and his filing of receipts and bills was terrible.

Seeing this as a big pain point, we discussed putting him on Quickbooks Online (QBO) so he would have a complete accounting system that would take care of sales, expenses, payroll, and accounting, and everything could be managed by us. We also implemented Receipt Bank so that all his bills, receipts and invoices could be entered electronically, saving him a huge amount of time by reducing the amount of manual data entry needed.

All he had to do is load the app on his mobile device and take photos of his receipts and they end up as bills in QBO. This is a core part of any bookkeeping job we take on, and we even use it for our own business.

Our next step was to take care of the timesheets for the staff and contractors. The owner was entering these manually into the system, and the staff and contractors were sending him an SMS with their daily times and the jobs they were working on. We suggested TSheets (now QuickBooks Time) , so each of the staff or contractors could clock in and out, and track their time all from their mobile device. Each time entry is allocated to a particular client and job (class) that were pulled from QBO. This data seamlessly gets pushed through into QBO for billing and payroll purposes.

After implementing these improvements, our client told us it was a great weight lifted from his shoulders and he could not be happier. The onus of the backend administration and accounting was taken care of, freeing up his time to focus on the core business. My client was able to earn more money and we helped give him back his life.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online, it’s Serioulsy Easy –

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