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June 2022 Product Update

Contact Us Page Update

QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Online Accountant

We’re always looking for ways to improve the support experience we provide you, especially in preparation for the busy tax season. To streamline the way you access our experts, we have implemented technology that improves data security and can recognise and recommend the best channel to support your particular query - via phone or online chat. You only need to log in once and will remain logged in to access support. 

The new experience makes it easier for you to request a ‘call me back’. Also, if you select the ‘call me back’ option, your details will be preloaded into the form so it only takes one click to submit the request. This means no waiting time in the queue. 

We’re also working on prefilling your data when selecting an online chat. This will be released in the near future. 

Check out the new experience here.

SMB Interactive Voice Assistant

QuickBooks Online

As we approach the busy tax season, we want to clear as many hurdles as possible to provide you the product support you need. This starts when you call us. 

Our interactive voice assistant (IVA) now utilises artificial intelligence to make sure you're connected to the right expert the first time, and speeds up the customer identification and documentation process. This reduces the time you need to spend on the phone! This reduces the time required to verify your identity, enables us to route your call to an expert in the products you use and automatically displays your call history so the product expert has all the information they need to help.

These improvements are already providing great outcomes. For call handling, we’re seeing a reduction in the verification process from 3 minutes to 37 seconds. When it comes to specialised products like QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Payroll, we’re saving you time by automatically directing those calls to the best expert to help out.

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

Improved Square and QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks Online

We’ve reimagined the integration between Square and QuickBooks Online to provide a more streamlined workflow, greater visibility and improved insights.  

With the new integration, your Square transactions are clearly outlined in the new Apps transactions tab in the Banking area of QuickBooks Online.


You can add transactions individually or as a summary so you can control the level of detail that you want hitting your books. 

You can now easily add detail to the transactions from Square with customer names and item details before accepting them (adding them) into QuickBooks Online. When these customers buy again, Square will automatically allocate the transactions to the customer so you can see who your best customers are.

For those running businesses in multiple locations, you can now effectively track how each location is performing. 

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