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Product Updates – September 2021

Transactions without GST

Product: QuickBooks Online (advisor only functionality)

We’ve added a new table called Transactions without GST into the Books Review area in QuickBooks Online. This new table lists any transactions that don’t have a GST category assigned to them.

This functionality aims to make reviewing client data faster for advisors by reducing the time they spend looking for potential coding or allocation issues.

Trans without GST table

QuickBooks and Visa Partnership

QuickBooks and Visa have extended their preferential pricing offer to September 2022. This offer entitles participants to 50% off for 6 months across QuickBooks Simple Start, Essentials and Plus.

This offer is available to any Visa business cardholder and can be redeemed via the Visa offer page.

To create awareness of this offer, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) will be sharing this opportunity with their small business customers in the coming months.

If you would like to learn more about the offer please visit the Visa offer page for details.

Close Books and Prepare BAS

Product: QuickBooks Online (advisor only functionality)

Part of Intuit’s product development ethos is rapid experimentation. We run experiments to quickly learn what our customers do versus what they say they do. We essentially capture behavioural data by faking a solution, and we do that by putting out a minimum viable product (MVP) that doesn’t have the back-end built yet. This experiment is an example of this process.

The problem we want to improve relates to adjustments made to a finalised set of books. Many advisors have told us that occasionally their clients or sometimes their team will make adjustments to their books after they’ve been finalised and prior to the BAS being prepared.

To test this, we have added an additional option to the GST area that enables an advisor to select either Prepare BAS or Close the Books and Prepare BAS (this is the new option we’re experimenting with).

With this option now in the product, we’ll track how many advisors select this option (over the normal Prepare BAS option) to see if it is something advisors actually use. If the results show it’s popular, we’ll take action to implement it.

Here’s the new experiment in action:

Close books and prepare BAS

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