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How to write a handyman invoice template (with free example)

Handymen take care of home repairs and improvements, keeping households running smoothly. However, handling the administrative aspects of business can be difficult. One crucial area is invoicing, which is why we have created a free handyman invoice template to help you.

Why do handymen need to send invoices?

Invoicing plays a crucial role in business administration. Making sure to prioritise sending invoices is very important for several reasons. It creates a professional image and gives clients confidence in your business. Increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Invoices are also valuable for documentation and record-keeping purposes. Providing a comprehensive paper trail for all financial transactions. This careful record-keeping is essential for taxes, budgeting and financial management. With QuickBooks, you can automatically send, receive, and store invoices for improved financial control.

Invoices offer legal protection by documenting agreements. They provide evidence in case of misunderstandings or disputes. The transparency provided by invoices also makes it easier for clients to understand the breakdown of services and associated costs. Which will lead to faster payments.

A well-detailed invoice helps build trust with clients by demonstrating transparency and accountability. Showing a commitment to open communication and fair business practices.

What to include in the handyman invoice

Creating a thorough and well-structured invoice is important for your records. Here's a breakdown of the key elements that you should include in your handyman invoice.

Header Information

  • Your business name and logo
  • Your contact information (address, phone number, email)

Client Information

  • Client's name
  • Client's address
  • Client's contact information

Invoice Details

  • Invoice number (a unique identifier for each invoice)
  • Date of issue
  • Due date
  • Payment terms (e.g., "Net 15" for payment due in 15 days)

Service Description

  • Detailed description of the services provided
  • Quantity of hours worked or specific tasks completed

Itemised Costs

  • Hourly rate or cost per task
  • Materials and supplies cost
  • Any additional fees (e.g., travel expenses)

Total Amount Due

  • The sum of all costs, including taxes if applicable

Payment Information

  • Bank details for direct bank transfers
  • Other payment methods accepted

Terms and Conditions

  • Any specific terms and conditions related to payment, late fees, or warranty information

Handyman invoice template

Below is a downloadable handyman invoice template (free) you can use to get started with.

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A well-structured handyman invoice is a vital tool for effective business management. It facilitates smooth financial transactions. As well as, establishing trust and professionalism with your clients. 

Utilise the template we’ve provided as a starting point and tailor it to suit the unique needs of your business. With an organised invoicing system provided by QuickBooks, you can focus more on what you do best – providing top-notch handyman services. Sign up for QuickBooks Online today to get help with your invoicing process.

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