How to add a supplier | Get started tutorial

How to add a supplier

Learn how to add a supplier and make it easier to track costs and expenses in one place.
How to add a supplier

Benefits include

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Organising the people

and business you buy from

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Adding a supplier

helps track costs and expenses

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Getting real-time insights

into what you owe

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • Go to Expenses and select the Suppliers tab.
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Step 2

  • Select Add supplier manually
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Step 3

  • Complete the details for the supplier fields in the Supplier window
  • Select Save.
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Learn how to import your customer or supplier contact lists from Outlook, Excel, Gmail or Google Sheets.

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How to make a supplier inactive

While you cannot delete a supplier at this time, you can make one permanently inactive.

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Add a supplier with a foreign currency

Does a supplier use a currency that's difference from yours? Find out how to set them.

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