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Download the eBook to unlock the power of client reviews to grow your business

Attracting new clients online can be challenging. Potential clients want reassurance that you’re the right choice to manage their affairs. That’s why client reviews are key.

In this eBook, we examine the power of client reviews in growing your business, how to source them, and where to use them.

Discover practical tips to get the most of key sources of new clients including Google, online directories like the QuickBooks’ Find-A-ProAdvisor portal, and LinkedIn.

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What you'll learn

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Why client reviews are critical in attracting new clients, tips for sourcing them, how to ask your clients for one, and when not to.

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How to optimise your profile on Google My Business, putting your best foot forward on the number one referrer of new clients.

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How to get your services in front of thousands of small businesses on the QuickBooks Find-a-ProAdvisor directory.