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Fixing the fundamentals: Scope, billing, and engagements

Download this eBook that highlights why scope creep is not only an insidious drain on your revenue and profit, but how it can also damage relationships with clients, and how to fix it.

Complete your details to download this eBook, where Shaye Thyer and Rebecca Mihalic, Heads of Accounting at Intuit QuickBooks and Ignition respectively, look at how you go about removing some of the roadblocks in your way, building an engagement process that works. They will also guide you through:

Banish scope creep Boosting profits by banishing scope creep

Introduce robust engagement processes Introducing a robust engagement process

Create an effective engagement letter Creating an effective letter of engagement

Leveraging technology Leveraging technology

You'll receive your eBook shortly.

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Visit the EOFY Hub for more free resources and checklists for accountants and bookkeepers