Payroll Calculator

A payroll calculator is a tool that helps you calculate your employees’ gross salaries, deductions, and net payments accurately and consistently. The calculator takes into account several factors, such as the hourly wage, salary, overtime pay, commissions, and deductions like taxes, health insurance, and retirement contributions, before giving you a number.

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$55 per month

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Payroll Features Standard Advanced
Free onboarding session

Free payroll set up session

  • Get tailored one to one assistance to set up payroll to fit your specific needs
Unlimited support

Online support offered during business hours

  • Open: 8:00AM-10:00PM (AEDT) Mon-Fri
  • 8:00AM-8:00PM (AEDT) Sat-Sun
ATO Integration: Super Payments

Make super payments quickly and seamlessly using our integration with Beam. Let Employment Hero and Beam do the heavy lifting for you.

Single Touch Payroll

Easily submit pay events post every pay run, straight from Employment Hero with our own ATO integration - there really is not much to it.

Award-rates & Reporting
Automated pay runs

Automated Pay Runs is exactly that - set and forget and have the system cause the pay run to stop based on triggers chosen by you

Comprehensive Reporting

Access our extensive library of reports to obtain data on employees, pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more.

Pre-Built Modern Award Interpretation

Access to our Pre-Built Awards to ensure you pay your employees correctly each and every pay run.

Pay Conditions Engine

For complex pay conditions that are not offered in the Pre-Built Awards, you can build the rules of your Enterprise Agreement for automating your own pay conditions.

Employee management
Leave management

Employee leave requests will feed directly into payroll for easy calculation and management of balances.

Employee self service

Employees can enjoy using Swag, the latest self service app

  • Manage payslips, expenses and leave requests
  • Staff can create and amend timesheets for approval
  • Employees can view, accept, swap and bid for shifts
  • Provide in-store and online cashback benefits to Employees
Employee time kiosk

Perfect for employees out and about, with GPS tracking for each clocking event, automatic timesheet creation upon clock-off and real time view of all clocking activities across the business.

Employee rostering

Easy-to-use roster templates to create individual employee schedules

  • See projected wage costs
  • Employees can easily access rosters and accept or swap shifts
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30 day free trial
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