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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hi, I have been downloading transactions by connecting to Barclays Business Banking using the mobil app pinsentry. However, I now have a new phone and have to wait 10 days before I can use the mobile pin sentry feature. How do I get Quickbooks to change to verify using the pin sentry device instead of the mobile app?

QuickBooks Team

Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hey Dsquared,


What method are you using to log direct into your Online Banking in the interem 10 days? Does it let you log in direct using the pin sentry device?




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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hi James

With online banking I can select to use the pin sentry machine or the app. So yes I can still log on to online banking 


Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hi there, @Dsquared


I'll share some information about using PINsentry feature in QuickBooks. 


Upon connecting your Barclays bank account to QuickBooks, the security questions are set by the bank and these won't be changed. The purpose of asking for the PIN Sentry code is for your own security as we do not have permanent access to your banking feeds. 


PINsentry gives you added protection for your accounts - as well as access to our full online banking service. Here are the benefits of using this feature: 


  1.     Added layer of protection for your accounts
  2.     Full access to our Online Banking services
  3.     Use Mobile PINsentry to log in on the move

Since you have the option to select the pin sentry machine and you're able to log on to online banking, it can take up to 10 days for mobile PINsentry to appear in your app.


Once you have the Mobile PINsentry appears after 10 days, you can log in using it. Here's how: 


  1. Log in to Mobile Banking using your unique Mobile Banking passcode.
  2. Tap on your account management menu in the top left-hand corner of your app. You’ll then see the option for Mobile PINsentry.
  3. To log in to Online Banking using Mobile PINsentry, tap IDENTIFY on your Mobile PINsentry. This will generate a unique 8-digit code.
  4. Go to your Online Banking login page and select the ‘Log in with mobile PINsentry’ option. This will prompt you to enter the unique 8-digit code generated by your Mobile PINsentry.
  5. You’re now protected and can start using the full range of services in Online Banking.

This will get you going, @Dsquared. Stay in touch with me if you need anything else while using online banking in QuickBooks. I'll be here to help. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hi Raymond,


Thanks for the info, but my problem is that I need to switch authentication from using mobile Pin sentry to using the device. I am sure I have previously switched from device to app but cannot remember how I did it now the I need to switch back again!

QuickBooks Team

Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Thanks for coming back to the Community, Dsquared.

I want to ensure you’ll be able to switch your bank’s authentication from mobile to the device.

As mentioned by @RaymondJayO, PINsentry gives you added protection for your accounts and access to online banking. Since the feature is provided by Barclays, you’ll have to contact the bank for help in configuring the authentication method.

Upon giving them a call, you’ll now able to validate the account using the card reader.


Reach out to me again if you have additional questions about online banking. I'll be glad to answer them for you. Have a good one.


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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Posting a bit late, but see my post here. I use memorable code and Passphrase with Barclays feeds. Once you’ve reconfigured quickbooks, it won’t ask you again and will just update when you click update ....

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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry

Hi James


I can't get your link to open anything


Were trying to connect our barclays business bank with quickbooks online - however every day if you then go to update it you have to re enter pin sentry code - which isn't good at all especially when manager is out the office and wants us to update transactions on the bank and he is the one with the pinsentry 


How do we do this with memorable word?? I can't see that as an option when we set up the bank on quikbooks



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Connecting to Barclays using Pinsentry



Not sure what happened with the link - so I’ll try and post the correct link - but there is a full copy of the original post below.


(Original post)

In case it helps others, this was my solution to making a Barclays Bank feed update automatically with Quickbooks.


  1. Before you do anything, create a passcode and memorable phrase at Barclays
  2. Remove all bank feeds from Quickbooks (if you have already set them up, as I had done). To do this, In Quickbooks, select banking, click the bank feed you want to remove/delete, click “edit account info”, select “disconnect this account on save”. Click save and the bank feed will be removed/deleted.
  3. Now add the bank feeds back in. Because you have already configured a “password and memorable phrase at Barclays” it will now give you the option of how you want to connect to Barclays, eg passcode + memorable, 8 digit two factor authentication code etc. If you want the feed to update automatically/stay connected (not sure why you would want anything different), make sure you connect using “passcode and memorable phrase”.
  4. If you want to change how Quickbooks connects to your account, it seems you have to delete “all accounts for that particular bank”, and then “add the accounts bank it” before Quickbooks will present you with different connection options. Even now (that I have a passcode and memorable phrase set up) , I am unable to change the way Quickbooks connects to my bank by going into a particular bank feed and clicking on “edit sign in info” or “edit account info”. The only way to change it is to delete all the existing bank feeds for Barclays, and then re-add them


This was my background if you have the same issue.


When I originally created/configured our Quickbooks account and linked it to our Barclays Business Bank accounts, I was unaware that for Quickbooks to automatically update the bank feed on a daily basis (without having to manually re-authenticate each time with an 8 digit Barclays two factor authentication ID) I would need to configure a passcode and memorable phrase with Barclays and connect using these details (as detailed here


Because I hadn’t created a passcode and memorable phrase at Barclays BEFORE linking our Quickbooks account to our Barclays Bank accounts, Quickbooks only showed me the option to connect using the 8 digit Barclays two factor authentication ID (and this authentication expires after a while, so you have to keep authenticating to refresh the feed, which is a pain). Had I already created a passcode and memorable phrase, Quickbooks would have been given me the option of how I would like to connect to Barclays.


I suspect many customers won’t have a “passcode and memorable phrase” set up with Barclays before they create a Quickbooks account, so it’s worth adding this in the “bank feed” setup instructions.



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