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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

And if so do we need to do anything different to set it up ?

We are moving to QBO and I just realised this might be an issue as the login process is different to Lloyds Business Banking.




QuickBooks Team

Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

Thank you for posting here, Graham.


Let me help you verify if Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking supports a connection with QuickBooks Online (QBO).


We have a list of banks that are supported by our product. Here’s an article you can check out to see if your financial institution is available: Understanding if you can connect your bank feeds to Open Banking.


Once verified, sign in to your bank’s website and copy the URL. Afterward, use it to search for and link the appropriate account in QuickBooks.


Here's how:


  1. From the left menu, click Transactions and choose Banking.
  2. On the Banking page, select the Link account.
  3. In the Search field, enter the bank's URL
  4. Select your bank. If you see multiple options, you may have to repeat these steps to find the correct one.
  5. Enter your bank login on your bank's website, then select Continue.


Regarding setting this up in your company file: The procedure will be the same as when you normally connect your other banks. Upon connecting this, please ensure that you follow the on-screen guidelines to link this with a clean slate.


 If you're unable to find your bank institution from the list of banks supported with QuickBooks, you'll want to request support from your bank to enable you to see the option for connecting this. Please refer to Step 3: Request support for your bank to do so: Find your bank or credit card account when you connect to online banking


While waiting for this to be available, you can manually import your bank transactions to your company file. Please visit this resource for complete guidelines: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


Afterward, if the transactions are now available on your banking tab. I recommend editing, assigning, and categorising your transactions to put them into the correct accounts and track your financial information accurately.


Let me know if you have more questions about linking your bank account. I’m just a post away. Have a good one!

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Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

Hi Rose

Thank you for coming back to me.

I have followed the instructions and it says that the bank is not supported at the moment.

I have added the url to a request to add it to QBO (Lloyds Commercial Banking | Login ( - do you have any idea how long this process might take as you already have an open banking relationship with Lloyds ?




QuickBooks Team

Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

This is not the service we want you to experience, GrahamMackie. 


I understand the impact of any delay in not being able to connect your bank with QuickBooks. That being said, let me share additional information to make sure you're able to resolve this ongoing connectivity issue.


You'd want to make sure to use a regular browser when linking your bank. 


In the meantime, let's access your QuickBooks account using a private browser or an incognito window to isolate the issue. You can use any of these keyboard shortcuts: 

  • Press Ctrl Shift (Google Chrome).
  • Ctrl Shift (Firefox).
  • Control Option (Safari).


If you're able to successfully link your bank, you'd want to consider clearing your regular browser's cache. The stored browsing history in your regular browser can affect the program's performance.


If the issue persists, I'd recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Customer Support team. This way, we can request a formal investigation to determine the root cause of this ongoing recurring connectivity concern.


I'm adding these articles to help you manage your connected bank accounts and transactions:

Please know the Community has your back if you have other questions. I’ll be right here to assist further.

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Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

Thank you but this isn't a browser issue.

Lloyds Commercial banking is their enterprise level banking solution and is a different platform to their normal business banking.  I suspect that you haven't been requested to link to this service in the UK before.

I have completed the request to add support for this service within the QBO application so hopefully it will be actioned.

You can see that Lloyds support Open Banking from a Commercial account with their own "accounts" software called Business Finance Assistant - How to connect a Lloyds Bank Commercial account for Commercial Banking Online users – Business Finan...




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Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

Hi Graham, 


Did you manage to find a way to connect commerical to QuickBooks? I am trying to do this myself 






Does QBO support Lloyds Commercial Banking ?

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in with a helpful article on resolving bank errors. If you follow the steps in the article and receive a  ''we're sorry but we cannot share your data right now message'' from Lloyds which some users have reported, if you can contact your bank as the issue is coming from the bank.

Any questions let us know, we'd be happy to help in any way we can.

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