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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Missing data from linked bank account

I have had to relink my UK bank account but it has missed out entries from October 2020 to April 2021?

Missing data from linked bank account

Hi there, @robbie.jones. Let me get the help you need about your banking concern. 


To get started, can you please verify the name of the bank account which is not showing updated transactions? Also, is this your first time connecting the bank account in QuickBooks Online (QBO)? If yes, QuickBooks automatically downloads the maximum number of transactions available from your bank. Depending on the bank, it can give you up to a year of historical transactions, but most banks may only download the previous 90 days.


If you wish to upload your past transactions, you can use the WebConnect feature so you can manually download the transactions from your bank's website and import them into QBO. 


If no, there are reasons why transactions won’t download. It could be due to the following:

  • A connection issue between your bank and QuickBooks Online (QBO).
  • The financial institution’s server is offline.
  • Error messages or codes that require you to perform a certain task. 

In the meantime, to bring in transactions, let us perform the below steps:

  1. In the left menu, click Transactions
  2. Go to the Banking tab and select the appropriate bank account.
  3. Hit the Update button. 

Repeat the above procedure at least three to five times to resync your connection.


Once bank transactions download, you can now start categorising or matching them to straighten out your books. After that, you have the option to do your regular bank reconciliation


If you have additional assistance while managing your bank transactions, let me know. I'll be around to provide further assistance. Have a nice day.

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Missing data from linked bank account

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I had linked my Lloyds Bank account successfully but it stopped sending new transactions to my Quickbooks last year. It worked well before. I recently updated the Bank link as was suggested by an automated message regarding permissions. 8 hadn't used my quickbooks for a alfew months prior to this. Was there a problem with my account payment?  Can you suggest another way to retrieve the bank transactions without entering them manually. I have refreshed think several times. Thanks 

QuickBooks Team

Missing data from linked bank account

Hi Robbie, If you have refreshed and they have not come through, it will likely be because the bank only allows us to pull so far back(usually 90 days but can be further depending on the bank), and with open banking you have to agree to the connection every  90 days so if that was not done the bank stops authorising the transactions being pulled through. The only way to get the transactions in now would be to download them and import them into QB

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