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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Level 1

Santander Bank Sync.


In October my link to Santander banking broke.  I waited a month for developers to fix the link (I had an open call on this).  I've just tried to re-establish the link. 

1) ALL of my historical reconciled  transactions have been cleared.  So I have no reporting whatsoever. 

2) The fresh link only pulled through 2 months worth of data.  Effectively useless.

3) upon manually importing data the CSV file corrupted showing all debits in my business account as credits.

4) I binned the account to start again and now cant get the account to reload.


Since there is pretty much zero customer support Im shooting in the dark with this.  I NEED TO KNOW HOW I CAN GET SUPPORT AND HOW I COMPLAIN THIS HAS COST ME HALF A DAY ALREADY

QuickBooks Team

Santander Bank Sync.

Hey Scott, 


Thank you for your post - we apologise for the difficulties you are experiencing and have picked this up with you over on Twitter where we will continue to work to resolve.



Level 1

Santander Bank Sync.

Thank you.  I am in contact with the social media team.


I intend to register a complaint.  I have now spent the entire day resolving this.  The clue is in the name 'self employed', I cant afford this.


As a loyal user and advocate of QBSE Im actually shocked at the lack of accessible support.  Resolving this via a social team (and because I made a complaint to them, out of desperation) is in no way a satisfactory process.  

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