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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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URGENT FAULT! Do not use the Add function if you're ever likely to move banks

Any entires added from the Banking screen will be deleted if unmatched, without warning.
I needed to separate some entires from a quickbooks account and relink the bank account to the new QB account. I could only unlink and relink by un-matching all entries. After doing this, I noticed that all entires I had made manually then matched were fine, but any that had been created by clicking "Add" from the Banking screen automatically got deleted, including all attachments. So now I have 200+ entries from the last few months to re-enter and find all the paper copies for to add as attachments.
This then makes me alarmed about the reliability of the record keeping in compliance with HMRC and therefore will resort back to keeping all paper records for 6 years.
Avoid using the "Add" function from the Banking screen!!!! Create the entry manually first, then use Match.

QuickBooks Team

URGENT FAULT! Do not use the Add function if you're ever likely to move banks

Hi samjeffs,


I can imagine the amount of work that you'll have to go through to bring back those transactions. However, I'd also like to clarify and share the proper way to unlink accounts, so this will never happen again.


First of all, please know that unlinking or disconnecting accounts will not require users to undo any added transactions from a bank or credit card register. Thus, they will remain in the books, including their attachments. You can try this using our test account.


Secondly, all transactions in the For Review tab will be removed, so it's better to manage them first before disconnecting the account.


To bring back your transactions faster, you can download them from your bank's website and upload them to QuickBooks. Then, use the Batch actions to accept many transactions in batches.


For example, accepting multiple entries from one supplier that should have the same categories:

  1. Select the transactions.
  2. Click Batch actions.
  3. Select a PayeeCategory, and VAT.
  4. Click Apply and add.

Let me know if you have questions about disconnecting an account or about bringing your transactions back to QuickBooks.

Level 2

URGENT FAULT! Do not use the Add function if you're ever likely to move banks

Hi, sorry, you've not read the issue correctly.


You can not move an entry from one account to another once it has been matched to a bank transaction, this was the error I received. It said I must unmatch it first before being able to re-assign which payment account was used for the transaction.

So, in order to move all my previously matched entires out of the old quickbooks account, and unlink the bank account from that QB account, then move the entries over into the new QB account and then link the bank account to that one, it required unmatching them all. I did this and the manually entered entries remained and all the entries that were added using the "Add" function on the Banking page were deleted. Please see audit log below attached.


Importing them back is not an issue, its re-naming them each correctly and then finding copies of the paper invoices and receipts to re-upload. Good thing I didn't 100% rely on it in the first place and kept the paper copies!

Level 2

URGENT FAULT! Do not use the Add function if you're ever likely to move banks

As you can see in the image, it was a bulk action, so why did some expenses get left and some get deleted. This is the fault.


QuickBooks Team

URGENT FAULT! Do not use the Add function if you're ever likely to move banks

Good day, samjeffs.


Thanks for the additional information and the screenshot. I'm here to give you more details about banking.


It would make sense if you'll get an error when changing the source (payment) account of the transaction because they are downloaded from your bank. Therefore, changing the payment account will contradict the reality they are from your bank account.


If you really want to do this, you'll need to open the added transaction, change the payment account, and unmatch it from the online banking transaction. This step will remove it from the original account and will transfer it to the payment account you'll select.


Simply open the transaction then change the payment account. Once done, click Online banking matches and tap Unmatch.


Additionally, you don't need to unlink the bank if you just want to change the payment account. It'll show as deleted after you undo the added transactions and unlinked the bank. It's because all pending transactions will be removed once you unlink the bank including those transactions you undo.


Also, you can manually add those transactions to the other account. This is also the best way so we can avoid confusion and errors.


Please comment again if you have more questions. Stay safe and healthy!

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