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QBO Payroll not recording journals

I've done my payroll today exactly like I did on the 23rd of last month.

Payslips were sent but don't appear to have been received.

The payroll history shows the figures correctly for this month.

I can see and open the breakdown correctly.

HMRC gateway confirmation has been received by email and was confirmed in QBO as received, FPS accepted.

There are no entries in my account to reconcile and I can't find an entry anywhere in QBO for this payday. I have journal entries for each employee for April but nothing for May.

Does it take some time to be either updated or accepted somehow before they show.


QBO Payroll not recording journals

Thanks for providing us detailed information about your payroll journals in QBO, Ken4758.


Let me share some details about your concern. Journals should automatically post for each employee when you run your payroll. I'd like to inform you that this is a known issue and our product engineers are working on a fix. What we can do is to create the payroll journals manually as a workaround.


In connection to this, I would recommend contacting our Customer Care Support Team so they'll add your account to the affected users' lists. That way, you'll be notified via email once an update is available.


Here's how to contact them:


  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. Click Contact Us at the bottom.
  3. Enter "payroll not creating journals" as your concern.
  4. Click Let's talk.
  5. Choose a way to connect with a live agent.

Check out our support hours and contact us at a time convenient to you.


I am also including some links you can read to learn more about managing your employees in QBO:

We appreciate your patience as we're working for a permanent resolution.

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QBO Payroll not recording journals

That's 8 lines for each journal entry for each employee, plus an EA journal adjustment and manually downloading payslips to send out.

Will the HMRC liabilities update correctly and will the Employment Allowance be calculated properly.

What exactly is happening? Can I delete the whole payroll run and do it again? Will it be any different?

Why was April's run fine but May's not?

I had no choice in moving from Desktop, that was faultless for the 30+ years I've used it, if I wanted the payroll package. I cannot understand how such a big company with a large slice of a competitive market cannot fix this as well as my not being able to connect to my HSBC business account through the open banking protocol.

It is becoming a huge drain on my time at a difficult trading time as I'm sure you will appreciate.

Please can you advise on my above questions.



QBO Payroll not recording journals

We don't want you to feel this inconvenience. Please know that helping you is our top priority, @Ken4758


We're currently having an error with payroll journals that are not posting for May 2020 despite having posted previous months. I suggest, reaching out to our Customer for further guidance on what to do next while waiting for the fix. 


You can follow the steps provided by GlinetteC on how to contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team.


About HSBC Business Banking (UK), can you tell us more about the error you're having? That'll help us resolve the error you're having. 


For the meantime, you can manually download the transactions from the bank and then upload the file to your account. Check this article for more information: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online. From here, you can now categorise and then reconcile the transactions.


Let me know if there's anything else that I can help. I'm always here to assist. Take care and have a great rest of the day!


QBO Payroll not recording journals

Hello Community Users, We just wanted to pop in and update this thread with some steps you can follow if the payroll journals are not updating in Advanced payroll.

Most commonly this is caused by the Chart of Accounts not being aligned with QBO. Go to payroll settings, chart of accounts, then make sure the default accounts are posting to an account that exists in QBO. If they're not you can import accounts from QBO by clicking the "Import" button in the top right, and tick the accounts you want. If the accounts you want don't exist, go back to Accounting/Chart of Accounts within QBO, and make them there, then importing as described.

Next most common issue is that the books are closed in QBO for the date range the journal wants to post to. This is easily fixed by going to the Gear Cog, Account and Settings, Advanced, in the Accounting section at the top you'll find the books closed and can switch off.

The third is that the journal created is duplicating an existing number, in this case this may resolve:1. Create a dummy Journal with a unique reference number and save it (i.e 'Payroll Journal 1')
2. Go back into the affected pay run and select 'Export to QBO' (This should create the necessary payroll journal)
3. Delete the dummy Journal entry


Any questions or if this does not resolved things for you please feel free to reply to this thread

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