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Level 4

Payroll not posting journals

I just ran September's payroll (QBO standard payroll) but no journals were posted.I deleted the payroll and re-input it, just to be sure, but the same thing happened.


Is this a known bug? Do we have the post all the journals manually?

QuickBooks Team

Payroll not posting journals

We'll check this out for you, rjwbailey.


If the pay runs are not creating journals, you may need to do it manually. However, I would recommend contacting our Support team first. They can start a screen-sharing session to see your setup. They are open during the usual business hours in the UK.

  1. Click on Help and choose Contact Us.
  2. Paste your question in the text box and click Let's talk.
  3. Choose between Message an agent or Get a callback

If you need references for other topics, you can check out the QuickBooks Standard Payroll Hub.


We're just around if you need anything else.

Level 4

Payroll not posting journals

I found a solution to this. If I turn off 'Warn if duplicate journal number is used' under Accounts and Settings > Advanced, delete and re-run the payroll, it posts the journals correctly.


Payroll not posting journals

Hello Community Users, We just wanted to pop in and add an article which has clear instructions to follow if you have an issue with journal entries posting on the standard payroll here. Any questions or the steps provided do not work for you feel free to add onto this thread and we'd be happy  to help you further.

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