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Level 8

Bug in QBO Making Data Entry Slow & Extremely Annoying

It is now more than three weeks since this bug (re)appeared & still no admission, never mind any action!


The previous (correct) operation was this...

New Bill / Expense / Invoice / Cheque - the top left box (Supplier / Customer / Payee) was already active, i.e. the cursor was in there ready to type the name.


Current (wrong) operation is now...

New Bill / Expense / Invoice / Cheque - the top left box (Supplier / Customer / Payee) is not active, i.e. the box must be clicked before entering the name.


Please re-instate the previous code. From a data-entry / productivity point of view the new operation is so much slower - it makes QBO an absolute pain in the a**e to use.

Why have a keyboard shortcut (ctrl.alt.s) for Save & New when you then have to reach for the mouse to click a box before you can enter anything on the new transaction?


Oh ... & if this wasn't irritating enough, the same applies DOUBLE for the Product/Service & Category columns. One click - nothing. One click just highlights the row. You have to click TWICE before you can type into the Product/Service or Category boxes.



It makes entering transactions into QBO so much slower than it needs to be / used to be.

Please, please, please revert to the old code / operation & stop fiddling with things that aren't broken!


This is basic user experience.  You open a form (for data input) & the first box/cell should be live & ready to accept input but it seems that UX does not mean User eXperience at Intuit/Quickbooks.

Maybe it's Users eXpendable?

How about Users eXasperated?


Root causes: Constant tinkering, poor coding & woeful quality control at Intuit/Quickbooks.

Quality Control Rule #1 - never implement new code if there's even the remotest chance that it's going to break something.

Short version: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Links to add some context (& to prove to myself that I'm not the only one out there that cares about this)...

QuickBooks Team

Bug in QBO Making Data Entry Slow & Extremely Annoying

Hi paul72, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this with us. We understand the delay in data entry that changes such as this can cause and it's our aim to make the process overall easier for you. So that we can ensure your request to populate the cursor in payee field automatically is reported to the relevant team, please begin a direct chat. Our agents will then be able to escalate your case and keep you updated along the way. 

Level 8

Bug in QBO Making Data Entry Slow & Extremely Annoying

Thank you for your suggestion @GeorgiaC 

Unfortunately, the Live Chat agents are limited in what they can do.

"Best I can do is link the case to feedback and with the feedback you have raised will be used as
evidence to escalate a higher priority in the matter"


For others reading this however, I was told that Cogwheel>Feedback is really the only way to a dev's heart.

The more feedback the better.  Every time you log on if possible.  If you have multiple companies, feedback on all of them.  Use similar language/keywords : bug, slow, poor experience.

With a bit of luck it'll get fixed (although I have a sneaking suspicion that it's a side-effect
of some new feature & is actually deliberate).


For my part, I'm going to keep posting similar threads on here.  Every few days if I have to.  Maybe I'm fooling myself but, at some point, a constant flow of posts about Bugs & Bad Coding has got to embarrass Intuit/Quickbooks into taking quality control seriously.


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