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Paypal payments! If i send a customer an invoice, lets pretend £100, and they choose to pay via PayPal, I will get notified that the invoice has been paid and the invoice is automatically marked as paid by QB. 


Now when i transfer the invoice payment from PP to QB it will show up on my transactions in QB as a transaction from PP, and I note the transaction as payment from client via QB. Does that £100 double up? Showing £200 when really I've taken £100. 


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Edit - Payment from PP

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for sharing the details of your concern, @Hunter501. I'm here to make sure you can avoid getting duplicate transactions while receiving your invoice payments in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


If you have synced your QBO account with the PayPal app, then it may be the reason why it's getting doubled. To fix this, we can omit the duplicate transactions manually. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Accounting menu and select the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. Find the account register in question. 
  3. Select View register from the Action column.
    Chart of Accounts.PNG
  4. Click the duplicate transaction then select the Delete button.
  5. Choose Yes in the confirmation window.
    COA del.PNG


If you have linked your PayPal bank feeds account to QBO, instead of adding the transaction, you'll have to match the downloaded transaction to the posted payment from PayPal.



Additionally, I encourage you to reconcile your accounts every month. This way, you can effectively manage your income and expenses and detect any possible errors accordingly. For the detailed steps, you can refer to this article: Learn the reconcile workflow in QuickBooks.


Let me know if you need further assistance with handling your invoice payments in QBO. I’ll be delighted to assist you. Have a great day ahead!

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Many thanks for the reply. So to answer my question QB will duplicate the transaction? Yes? 

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for getting back to this thread, @Hunter501. Let me chime in and clarify things for you.


The answer to your question regarding your Paypal payments is Yes. There will be a duplicate if your app is synced with QuickBooks, and at the same time, you use our merchant services. 


If you encounter duplicate transactions, follow the steps provided by Kevin_C. This way, there will be no double entries in your account to ensure your book is accurate and balanced.


Additionally, let me share this resource to help review downloaded bank and credit card transactions and put them in the correct accounts: Match and Categorize transactions.


Keep me posted if you have other concerns with your Paypal payments. I'll be around to help you always. Stay safe!

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