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The Intuit Australia & ROW team posing for a picture in a building.

Innovating. Empowering. Delighting: Celebrating 10 years of Intuit in Australia

This month Intuit will celebrate 10 years of operations in Australia and 40 dynamic years of operations globally. Intuit started in 1983, when Scott Cook sat with his wife at their kitchen table watching her struggle with the family chequebook. Described as a 40 year old start up, Intuit provides a leading cloud accounting solution for millions of customers and small businesses worldwide. 

“Intuit has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn, and its workplace culture is both diverse and inclusive. I feel that I can be my authentic self while contributing to the success of the company,” says Lucas Cutro, Partner Manager at Intuit.


As Intuit kicks off its 10th anniversary in Australia, let’s reflect on some of the amazing achievements the company has made over the last decade.

In 2012, Intuit ended its distribution agreement of the QuickBooks desktop product with Reckon and in 2013 opened its Australian head office in Melbourne and launched QuickBooks Online locally. In 2014, Intuit appointed its first Australian Country Manager and relocated the head office to Sydney. 

In 2016, Intuit was awarded as a Great Place to Work and two years later became the hub for Intuit’s Rest of World operations. In 2020, Intuit Australia won their 1st International Customer Success Award and by 2021 the AU and ROW team had grown to over 200 employees.

The Intuit ROW team posing for a picture.


Over the past 10 years in Australia, Intuit has built innovations and stimulated new ideas, where cross-functional teams work together to solve customer problems, which has come with a number of achievements along the way. 

1. Best Places to Work

Intuit has ranked 11th Best Workplace in Australia in 2022 by Great Places to Work. Our Aussie team supports small businesses across Australia to get paid faster and save time by making it easy to manage their finances on the go, in real-time.

“This result is testament to our incredible, dedicated employees and their collective ability to meet every challenge head on, working together to create what is a unique workplace here at Intuit Australia,” said Vice President of Intuit QuickBooks Australia, Lars Leber.

The Intuit Australia marketing team posing for a picture in a room.

AU Marketing Team

2. Canstar

In 2022, Intuit Australia claimed the top spot and won Canstar Blue’s 2022 Most Satisfied Customers Award in the Small Business Accounting Software category. Intuit’s customers, who operate across various industries have found that QuickBooks has helped them to streamline their business. 

3. Community Partnerships and Initiatives

Intuit is dedicated to strengthening local communities and demonstrating the core value of ‘We Care & Give Back’. In Australia, Intuit has supported a range of community-based initiatives such as funding a Breakfast & Lunch program and technology recycling initiative at Fairfield High School in Sydney. The partnership with Fairfield High School kicked off in 2020 and is part of Intuit’s Prosperity Hub School program. Last year, 20 Intuit employees ran a 2 hour session with over 170 Year 10 students at the school to help students identify their passion and career choices and recently provided Fairfield High School with much-needed HSC study guides and back-to-school supplies for around 150 students. 

Intuit Australia Vice President Lars Leber, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer Dan McCarthy & Rest Of World Director Kayur Desai packaging school supplies for a local Sydney high school.

Left to right: Kayur Desai, Director Go-to-Market & Shared Capabilities, Dan McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & U.S. Country Manager; and Lars Leber, Vice President and Country Manager of Intuit QuickBooks Australia - packaging school supplies for a local Sydney high school.

As well as this partnership, Intuit donated to countless organisations and pledged USD $1million to help with relief efforts and rebuilding the community after the devastating wildfires of 2020.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion

At Intuit, diversity and inclusion is celebrated. The Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are important contributors to the workplace culture, offering community and the opportunity to learn from role models, experts and peers.

The ERG programs in Australia include:

  • The Intuit Abilities Network
  • The Indigenous Peoples Network
  • Pride Network
  • Intuit Women's Network

Intuit's mission to power prosperity around the world is fueled by its values and supports the belief that every employee should be able to bring their whole self to work. The ERG’s lay the foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and have proven why diversity across teams is more important now than ever.

As part of the reflection of 10 years in Australia, one of Intuit Australia’s longest standing Australian employees, Meagan Wood, was invited to share her experiences at Intuit.

Meagan Wood and others smile as they pose for a picture.

Tell us about your experience as one of Intuit Australia’s longest standing employees?

As you would expect, we’ve come a long way from having a few team members based in Melbourne to a team of over 200 now based in Sydney. It’s been incredible to be part of a team that’s building a brand here in Australia. Everyone knows QuickBooks in the US, so we’re trying to do the same here in Australia. Intuit is the best company I’ve worked for. They believe employees come first – if you look after them, everything else will fall into place.

What is your favourite part about working for Intuit?

The people. I love working with smart, driven people who are passionate about making a difference for small businesses and the accountants and bookkeepers who support them.

What was your proudest Intuit moment?

One of the key values at Intuit is We Care and Give Back. Very early in my tenure, as a team, we volunteered at a single mother's shelter and spent the day painting their common room and landscaping their front and back gardens. It was the first time I had done something like that and it was really fulfilling. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in various ‘give back’ opportunities since then.

What have been your favourite moments at Intuit?

There’s a few but I remember our first ever Australian roadshow in 2014, travelling around the countryside with the team in two cars, meeting advisors and creating awareness of QuickBooks Online. Then in comparison, the first QuickBooks Connect event, hosted by Rove McManus, in Australia in 2016 at the Sydney Cricket Ground was amazing and had thousands of advisors and small businesses attend. I’ll also never forget a team offsite in Sydney that was facilitated by Phil Cebrano’s “Rock Party” band. We still talk about that offsite today.

How do you find the culture at Intuit?

The Intuit culture is remarkable and we work hard to protect it. One of our values is Integrity without Compromise which guides everyone on how to work with our customers and with our team members. We’re recognised as a Great Place to Work and our culture is something new employees always comment on.

What attracted you to Intuit?

After working for Australia’s leading accounting software provider, I wanted to work for the world’s leading accounting software provider as I was keen to learn more about how a global business functioned. When Intuit entered the Australian market, they were building a team in Melbourne and a previous colleague contacted me to see if I was keen. He had my CV within minutes! Today, Intuit has over 103 million customers globally and revenues of over $12B and I'm extremely glad to have been a part of that journey!

About Intuit QuickBooks

In Australia, Intuit offers cloud-accounting solutions that serve the needs of self-employed, small business, accountants and bookkeepers with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant and QuickBooks Self Employed. As well as offering QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT to streamline your tax and BAS workflows and QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero to make payroll easy, efficient and automated.

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