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Guide to Accounting for Landscaping Businesses
Running a business

Guide to Accounting for Landscaping Businesses

Like any other business, landscaping companies face a unique set of challenges when managing their finances. From keeping track of expenses for each job to handling invoicing and payroll, the accounting tasks for landscapers can be quite complex. Luckily, you can implement the right tools and strategies to manage all your finances properly without the hassle of navigating them all by yourself. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the common accounting hurdles that landscapers encounter and explore how QuickBooks can provide practical solutions for your landscaping business. 

Accounting Challenges for Landscapers and Solutions

QuickBooks offers custom accounting software solutions designed for self-employed landscapers. Discover how QuickBooks features and tools have been designed specifically to meet the accounting needs of small businesses like your landscaping business.

Keeping Track of Landscaping Job Costs

Landscaping companies typically face some difficulties when it comes to handling their finances. One major challenge is allocating the correct costs to projects without under or overfunding. Landscapers need to keep track of job costs like materials, labour, and equipment and make sure that every project is profitable. 

QuickBooks Job Costing Software for Landscapers

QuickBooks job costing enables landscapers to allocate costs to individual projects, ensuring accurate expense tracking. This feature ensures that each landscaping project contributes to the overall profitability of the business.

Invoicing for Landscaping Jobs

Invoicing is a major part of running a landscaping business. It can be time-consuming without having software in place to automate the process. Creating customised invoices for services like lawn maintenance, garden design, and tree trimming is all part of running a landscaping company. Many landscaping projects require progress invoicing as various phases of the project are completed.

QuickBooks Invoicing Software for Landscapers

With QuickBooks invoicing software, landscapers can easily create customised invoices for different services provided. This platform streamlines the invoicing process, improving communication with clients and expediting payments. It also features progress invoicing which allows you to invoice based on project milestones, stages, or the percentage of work completed. 

The QuickBooks mobile accounting app allows busy landscapers to send invoices on the go from their smartphone. 

Managing Inventory Levels

In addition to services, landscapers who also offer landscaping products need to manage their inventory levels carefully. Keeping track of materials and supplies is essential to avoid running out of stock or wasting vital resources. 

QuickBooks Inventory Management Software for Landscapers

QuickBooks inventory management software assists landscapers in effectively tracking and managing their inventory, ensuring optimal levels of materials and supplies. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses offering landscaping products.

Payroll Management

If running a business with multiple employees, landscapers also need to manage employee hours and calculate all wages accurately. Handling payroll taxes can also be complex and time-consuming. It's essential to comply with labour regulations while making sure all employees receive fair compensation.

QuickBooks Payroll Management for Landscapers

QuickBooks cloud payroll simplifies payroll management for landscapers by allowing them to track employee hours, calculate wages, and efficiently handle payroll taxes. This ensures compliance with labour regulations and accurate compensation for staff.

Financial Reporting with QuickBooks

The reporting capabilities of QuickBooks provide valuable insights into the financial performance of landscaping businesses. Landscapers can analyse revenue, monitor expenses, and make informed decisions based on financial data. 

What Are the Best Plans for Self-Employed Landscapers? 

QuickBooks offers a range of subscription plans that will work well for landscaping businesses of all shapes and sizes:

  1. Simple Start: This plan is perfect for landscapers who are just starting their business. It includes useful features like tracking income and expenses, creating customised invoices, connecting with banks, keeping track of sales tax, and generating basic reports.
  2. Essentials: If you're a landscaper looking to streamline your business operations, the Essentials plan is ideal. In addition to all the features offered in Simple Start, it provides options for managing bills and payments, tracking employee time, handling multiple currencies, and more.
  3. Plus: For landscapers aiming to expand their businesses further, the Plus plan offers advanced capabilities beyond what's available in Essentials. This includes features like recurring transactions and bills, inventory tracking, analysing project profitability, and managing budgets effectively.

Get QuickBooks Online for Your Landscaping Business Today

Are you a self-employed landscaper? QuickBooks accounting software helps businesses in trades and construction streamline accounting tasks like job costing, invoicing, inventory management, and payroll. With QuickBooks Online, you can focus on providing top-notch landscaping services while managing your finances. 

Take your landscaping business to new heights by signing up for a free 30-day trial of QuickBooks Online today.


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