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GST Tracking and Lodge BAS Online

Lodge your BAS online and track your GST

Track GST and electronically lodge BAS directly from your QuickBooks account. No portals or complicated workarounds, simply prep, e-lodge, and exhale.

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Manager relaxing after using QuickBooks Online to lodge her businesses BAS

Stay on top of BAS and other obligations

QuickBooks Cash Flow can help you forecast tax liabilities like GST to make preparing and paying your BAS a breeze.

Tradie smiling after viewing the QuickBooks Cash Flow forecast on tax liabilities for GST

Track, itemise, investigate

Every time you create an invoice or expense, QuickBooks will know if you should add GST. Investigate issues with your BAS, using reports like ‘Transactions without GST’ and ‘Transactions by tax code’.

Business owner working peacefully knowing QuickBooks will know if GST should be added

Calculate, organise, overcome

QuickBooks helps you cut activity statement stress by auto tracking and calculating your obligations. You’ll always know how much you owe and when it’s due, so you’re ready to lodge your BAS quickly and easily.

Manager smiling because QuickBooks automatically tracked and calculated his tax obligations

Lodge BAS without leaving QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online makes lodging BAS even easier with electronic lodgement. Now you can prepare and e-lodge activity statements directly from QuickBooks Online. No portals or complicated workarounds, simply prepare, e-lodge, and exhale.

Manager quickly lodging his businesses BAS on QuickBooks Online

Review, reconcile, rest easy

QuickBooks Online creates a BAS summary for you to review before you lodge. You’ll be notified of any changes to old transactions, and they will carry over to your next summary.

Manager relaxed after viewing her businesses BAS summary on QuickBooks Online

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