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digital nomad working from tropical beach
Small Business and Self-Employed

5 Best Countries for Digital Nomads

For many workers stuck in the grind of a 9-5 office job, the life of a digital nomad holds a tantalizing appeal.

Digital nomads work across borders and time zones, taking their laptops with them wherever they go and earning money on the go.

Digital nomads can be freelance writers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, photographers, or any other profession requiring only a laptop and an internet connection to earn an income.

Whether country-hopping or staying put in one destination for longer, you’ll need to consider plenty of factors when determining where to go:

Cost of living, and therefore earning potential

To ensure a viable nomadic lifestyle, you must find affordable places to live where the money you earn from your work covers expenses. A budget will be necessary, and it's advisable to track business incomings and outgoings with cloud accounting software

Internet speed

Working remotely means work depends on a Wi-Fi connection and internet speed. You can only work as fast as your internet connection allows, and you’ll also need co-working spaces or cafes to set up and work comfortably. 

A digital nomad community

Many countries and cities worldwide have established digital nomad communities. It is nice to meet up and bounce ideas off like-minded people while traveling.


One of the joys of traveling is that you can go wherever the weather is good. Digital nomads tend to flock to where the sun shines.

Visa requirements

If you are country-hopping, you might not necessarily need a visa as you can stay in a country for a short time on a tourist visa. For more extended stays, many countries around the world offer ‘digital nomad visas’ with varying requirements. You’ll need to research before you head out. 

General Culture

Of course, many people choose to become digital nomads because of a desire to see the world and experience new cultures. Personal preference comes into play here in your choice of destination; you may prefer the quaint European architecture of Portugal to the vibrant cities of Thailand, for example.


Currency is definitely an important consideration for digital nomads who may be traveling and working with different currencies. QuickBooks online invoicing software with up to 145 currencies support allows digital nomads to easily manage their invoicing anywhere in the world. 

Best Digital Nomad Countries

Taking these factors into account, we’ve created this list of some of the best countries for digital nomads for you to consider.

Costa Rica

With its stunning natural beauty, eco-friendly mindset, and ‘pura vida’ lifestyle, it's no surprise Costa Rica entices plenty of digital nomads. And, it just got easier for digital nomads wanting to stay long-term as the country announced a new visa encouraging nomads to stay for a year. 

So, aside from the obvious benefits of great weather year-round, the beach lifestyle, and a relatively low cost of living, some nations now also offer tax-free living to remote workers who choose to call it home country.


With miles of stunning coastline along its eastern edge and numerous digital nomad hubs in places like Porto, Lisbon, Peniche, and Madeira, Portugal is an attractive prospect offering a cheaper cost of living than its European neighbors. 

Those digital nomad hubs in cosmopolitan cities mean that internet speeds are fantastic and reliable, and there are plenty of cool co-working spaces and cute cafes for you to get your work done. After closing the laptop, enjoy Portuguese cuisine and culture and soak up the vibes bar-hopping or at the beach. 

The country’s new D7 visa lets nomads stay in the country with a minimum income of only $717.  


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has developed a reputation as a hotbed for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and is one of the best cities for digital nomads. Estonia has a long-established digital nomad visa encouraging remote working visitors. 

Digital nomads can enjoy wide-ranging free public wifi coverage and cafes and coworking spots that welcome them throughout the city. 

Estonia, like many popular countries for digital nomads in Eastern Europe, offers more affordable living than its western European counterparts, allowing digital nomads to live well and save some money while in the country.


For something different, Thailand represents an option for those interested in South East Asian cultures. 

With fantastic beaches, - vibrant nightlife, and a more holistic, laid-back meditative scene, Thailand has a lot to offer. Thailand boasts incredibly fast internet speeds, making the capital city Bangkok a major hub for digital nomads. The stunningly beautiful islands are a big draw, but Chiang Mai is a tranquil jewel in the rugged mountains of the north. City life, the islands, and the tranquil countryside are all great options for digital nomads heading to Thailand.

Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and for good reason. The people are warm and hospitable. Combine this with an excellent standard of living for affordable prices, and it's easy to see why Thailand continues to draw visitors.

You can visit and stay in Thailand as a tourist for up to 90 days. To stay longer, you need to apply for a Long Term Residence Visa. This has much more stringent eligibility criteria compared to some of the other countries on this list, with applicants needing to earn at least $80k per year.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has long ticked many boxes for digital nomads and will soon offer five-year visas for those wanting to stay long-term.

Bali delivers on a low cost of living, decent infrastructure, a rich and vibrant culture, plenty of like-minded people, and spellbindingly beautiful natural scenery, all to be enjoyed in a warm climate all year round. 

Choose Bali for its thriving, welcoming digital nomad community and its laid-back lifestyle conducive to a stress-free existence. 

Save time with QuickBooks

The Question of Tax

As a small business owner, you’ll need to ensure compliance with any tax regulations relevant to you. This will vary depending on your destination and your home country. For example, all US citizens must file taxes in their home country. Costa Rica now offers tax-free earnings to digital nomads with visas, but this isn't the case for all the countries on this list. 

Take control of your taxes with QuickBooks accounting software. Meet your compliance requirements, whatever your circumstances, with plenty of automation to make tax paying a breeze. 

Read our guide to tax for digital nomads for more information about your tax obligations. 

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