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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Barclaycard Business connection Lost

About 6 weeks ago Barclaycard connection was lost and despite several attempts to re-connect and twice disconnecting and reconnecting QB will not recognise the account anymore. Nothing has changed from Barclaycard (i.e. no new card, no change of name etc). Tried the help chat.. hopeless; just told to do again what I have already done. All as I get is the following message. 

Screenshot 2021-08-07 171436.jpg

QuickBooks Team

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

Hello, 16a.


I have some information about your concern.


We currently have an ongoing investigation about connecting the Barclaycard Business with error 324. Our engineers are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible. 


I recommend contacting our Customer Care Team. They can add your company information to the notification list, so you'll be updated once the issue is resolved.


Here are the steps:


  1. Click the Help icon located in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. In the Help window, click the Contact Us button located at the bottom.
  3. Enter your question and click Let's talk.
  4. Choose either Start a chat or Call us.

If you have the new QuickBooks Assistant help update, you can follow these steps:


  1. In your QuickBooks Online account, go to the Help > Assistant.
  2. Type Talk to a human and proceed with I still need a human.
  3. Click the Contact us link.
  4. Select either Messaging or Callback.

In the meantime, you can manually import your bank transactions by following the steps in this article: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


Once the issue is resolved and you're able to connect your Barclaycard Business account, you may see some duplicate transactions. What you can do is exclude them by following these steps:


  1. Go to Transactions Banking.
  2. In the For review tab, put a check mark on the duplicate transactions.
  3. Click the Exclude button.

Here's a sample screenshot for a visual reference:



After excluding these transactions, you can delete them in the Excluded section.


I'm also adding this article to help you match and categorize your downloaded transactions: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Thank you for your patience. If you have more questions related to Online Banking or other concerns, please let me know in your reply. Keep safe!

Level 2

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

so the solution offered is to contact customer care... the instruction given to do this are incorrect. This issue has been going on for around 6 weeks and still no resolution. pretty poor service from QB - I have emailed customer care a number of time and nothing seems to get done just get told it is a known issue. Not good enough QB. I am paying for this functionality and it cost me extra time to import the accounts manually. Please contact me with an update as to when this will be reolved.

QuickBooks Team

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

I know every penny counts when running a business, @16a.


At this time, we don't have the exact time frame on when this will be resolved. To get notification about the ongoing investigation for the error 324, I highly recommend reaching out to our Customer Care team. They can pull up your account in a secure place and link it to the investigation. This way, you'll receive updates about the issue as well as if there's a resolution available. To do so, you can follow the steps outlined by my colleague, RenjolynC.


In the meantime, the workaround is uploading your transactions to QuickBooks Online (QBO) manually


In case you're ready to reconcile your transactions to guarantee that your bank balance and QBO are matched, check out this link for the detailed steps: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online. This article will also guide you in editing completed reconciliations and generating a reconciliation report to use as a reference. 


Keep in touch if you have further questions about connecting your Barclaycard Business account in QBO. I'm always available to answer it for you. Have a good one.

Level 2

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

Response still not of help... the steps to contact customer care as below do not work - they just keep linking back to ca chat. the fact that I have posted on here - surely you can log this with customer care for me!!??? 


Also have just contacted Barclaycard business and I can not get a csv file for current transactions. Only for after a statement has been produced so I can not import transactions weekly and keep my QB up to date.. so frankly I'm stuffed. i have no way of getting my back data into QB until the end of the month after that statement has been produced. WHAT EXACTLY AM I PAYING YOU GUYS FORScreenshot 2021-08-14 135031.jpg


Level 2

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

So a couple of weeks have passed and not a peep from QB to update me as to what the problem is or when it will be fixed. I have not been able to connect to Barclaycard for over 8 weeks now. QB being completely useless in their customer service in terms of sorting this or updating as to when it will be fixed. I expect they will respond to this to say they are aware of it and I can manually import. Actually I can not manually import other than once a month after a statement has been issued. therefore my accounts and invoicing to my customers is being delayed. Seriously crap customer service QB. 

QuickBooks Team

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

Hello 16a, We've checked the investigation the banking engineers are working on and they have completed the testing and we're in discussions with Barclaycard at the moment, we do see that the delay has caused you issues with your only been able to import manually when you have a statement. As soon as we have an update we'll email you from the case.

Level 1

Barclaycard Business connection Lost



Is there any update to this issue as yet? Has the problem been resolved?



QuickBooks Team

Barclaycard Business connection Lost

Hi Pfunk1980, thanks for joining this thread - we're still working with the bank to resolve the 324 error that customers are experiencing, and we're hoping to have this fixed very soon. 


We've linked you to our investigation so that you'll receive an update once the fix is released, in the meantime if you're needing to update your accounts urgently, please import these using a CSV. 👩‍💻

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