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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Dan Simonds
Level 1

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating


My Lloyds bank accounts have not updated since I re-authourised open banking on 18/03/2020.


I get a message "Sorry your bank no longer supports working with Quickbooks . Contact your bank for more info."

I'm pretty sure that this is not true.

QuickBooks Team

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating

Hello Dan Simonds, 


Can you totally disconnect the Lloyds account you're having the issue with and reconnect it all and let us know if it brings the transactions in or if you still get the error showing? 


Before disconnecting the account make sure that there is no transactions in the for review if there is we suggest sorting them out and putting them into the reviewed section before disconnecting the bank account. 


To disconnect the bank account if you go to 


Banking tab-left hand side> click on the account want to discount so it shows up blue>top right of the blue box is pencil icon>click pencil icon-box will pop up scroll to bottom>will see a small box to tick that says disconnect on saving> tick the box then click save this will then disconnect the account. 


To re-add the account and connect it again 


If you go to the add account top right> search Lloyds and follow the steps it asks this will let reconnect the account for you. 


If you have any issues please let us know so we can work with you in getting them resolved. 

Level 1

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating

These instructions bear no resemblance to the SE interface. There's no banking tab I can find in the left hand menu and the only action you'll get by clicking the pencil is editing the account name.


All the best.

QuickBooks Team

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating

Thank you for joining the thread, @PetefromBristol.


The steps mentioned above are for QuickBooks Online. In QuickBooks Self-Employed, we can refresh your bank to update it.


Here's how:


  1. From the Gear icon, select Bank account under Transactions.
  2. Tap on Refresh all under Bank accounts.

a2 1.PNGa2 2.PNG


Once everything is up and running, feel free to read our help articles in case you need tips and related links while working with QuickBooks in the future.


Add a comment below if you have additional concerns. I'm here to keep helping. Have a great day!

Level 1

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating

Hi I have read your comments but when I try to refresh my bank accounts for Lloyds on SE Q Books, I get the message:

Something unexpected happened and we can’t connect to Lloyds Bank Business Banking (UK) - Pre June 2020.

Try again in a few hours. (390)


Please help.


[email address removed]

QuickBooks Team

Lloyds Bank accounts not updating

Hello Harry, The email address gets removed on the Community with it being a public forum. Could we ask you to try connecting as if it is a new connection do you get the same message?

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