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Rick Marlow
Level 1

Not sure what this Intuit Payment is?

Not sure if any one could shed some light on this or had a similar situation, I have spoken to both paypal and quickbooks about this and they don't have much idea about it. Whilst doing my end of year books, I have found a 'Mass Payment' from Intuit titled 'Intuit Payment'. This payment never appeared on my quickbook account as quickbooks only takes note on my transactions in my paypal when they are either to or from my business account and think I think it went straight into my paypal wallet.


I will attach a photo of the payment line, my question is how can I find out what is inside this payment and who it is actually from, I am gathering its a bulk payment from a customer but unsure who its from.


Anyone can help figure out the origin of this payment or at least where to look?


Not sure what this Intuit Payment is?

Hello there, @Rick Marlow. Thanks for reaching out and providing a screenshot about the Intuit charge you mean.


To ensure we're on the same page, I'd like to verify if you subscribed to Intuit Payments like GoCardless. The charge may be coming from them every time the system collects payments. 


To confirm, you can open this article: Understand Intuit charges on your credit card or bank statement. Then, enter your billing information in the Look up your charge section. 


In addition, to learn more about how GoCardless works, I suggest visiting these articles:



However, if you haven't verified the amounts, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Customer Care Team again for further assistance. A live representative can access your account securely and look into this further. To reach them, click the ? Help button at the top-right corner and select Contact Us to talk with a live agent. Ensure to review their support hours to know when agents are available.


As always, feel free to check out our help articles in case you need tips and related links while working with QuickBooks in the future.


Let me know if you have other questions about the charges you've received. I'm always here to help. Have a good one!

Rick Marlow
Level 1

Not sure what this Intuit Payment is?



Thanks for the speedy reply. Unfortunately, the issue in question is a payment instead of a charge. It has come through as a 'mass payment' and Paypal have forwarded me this which I screen shotted for you.


I'm sure it will be a 'ahhh' moment when I finally figure it out but I am very confused at this point.




QuickBooks Team

Not sure what this Intuit Payment is?

Thanks for keeping in touch with us @Rick Marlow,


It's possible that QBO's electronic invoicing is currently enabled. With electronic invoicing, you can include a "pay now" button that works with any payment app, making it simpler for your customers to make payments. This indicates that the transaction is seamless because all your client needs to do to pay the invoice is click the button. This invoice can be paid by customers using a debit or credit card, PayPal, or both. As account information is not required, this secures the transaction. You'll want to browse this page for more: E-invoicing: the ultimate guide to quicker invoicing


Additionally, we still recommend reaching out QBO Customer Support for follow up. They have the right tools that could check your account and help you enlighten where this payment is coming from.


In case you need tips and useful links while using QuickBooks in the future, feel free to browse this page for reference: help articles


As always, you can share your concerns with us in handling your accounts in QuickBooks Online. My QuickBooks Community team and other QuickBooks users are always ready to help.

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