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Get invoices paid automatically with GoCardless

Activate GoCardless in QuickBooks and know when you’re getting paid. As soon as your invoice is due, GoCardless automatically collects payment - so you get paid on time. Improve cash flow management, visibility & predictability, every time, using direct debit. It's the perfect time-saving solution for you and your regular customers, even when the invoice amount varies.

Payments. But, without the hassle

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Low, transparent fees

Avoid hidden costs and uncapped rates with GoCardless' pay-per-transaction fees.

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No need to chase payments

GoCardless is a bank-to-bank payment method that collects payments automatically.

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Hassle-free setup

Your customer simply enters their bank details once, through a secure online form.

Know when you’re getting paid

Once your customers have set up their payment details, you’re authorised to collect all future payments without further action from them.

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No more late payments

Payments are automatically collected on the due date.

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Easier transactions for your customers

Payment collection is pre-authorised and fully protected by Direct Debit Guarantee.

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Made for recurring payments

Collect payments for ad-hoc invoices, installments and subscriptions with ease and flexibility.

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Peace of mind for your customers

International payments are collected just as easily as local payments.

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How the integration works

GoCardless is a leading direct debit provider and serves well-known clients like TripAdvisor and Les Mills.

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How GoCardless works with QuickBooks

Connect GoCardless and QuickBooks with the click of a button. Once you’re set up, both you and your customers save time with automatic payments.

  • To start collecting hassle-free payments from your customers, they just need to complete a simple, one-time setup

  • Invoice your customers as you normally do, and GoCardless will automatically collect payment on the due date

  • You and your customers can enjoy all the automation with none of the surprise – payment notifications keep you both in the loop

GoCardless pricing

No hidden fees or uncapped rates



Standard pay-per-transaction rate

1% + £0.20 per transaction


1.25% + £0.20 per transaction


1.4% + £0.20 per transaction


*£4 max fee per transaction

*Additional fee of 0.3% applies to UK Bank Debit transactions above £2,000 (only applies to the portion above this amount). International transactions may vary. Please visit GoCardless website for more information on pricing structure.

Why choose QuickBooks with GoCardless

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Frictionless payments

Customers set up their bank details once, so you can collect payments without further authorisation.

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Stop chasing overdue invoices

Spend more time doing what you love – running your business.

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Get complete visibility

See who has and hasn’t paid you. Get real-time notifications if a payment fails.

Discover the possibilities with GoCardless

New to Gocardless? Find out more ways you can enable your customers to pay on time by automatically collecting payments when they are due.

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