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QB 2019 Enterprise Server Installation

I am looking to install QB 2019 Enterprise on a Windows 2016 Dell server that has a Intel processor with adjustable  frequency. The base is 2.10 GHz and a max. frequency of 3.0 GHz.


I will be running QB Database Server Manager on the server for multiple user access. My questions is, can I run QB 2019 on this server and is there anyone out there that is using QB 2019 on a server with a adjustable frequency processor and are you experiencing any issues.


Your comments and help will be greatly appreciated. 


Re: QB 2019 Enterprise Server Installation

I can share some information about QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 requirements, @UOS.


I've checked the system requirement for the 2019 version and confirmed that it's compatible with Windows Server 2016. However, we require at least a 2.4 GHz minimum of processor's frequency. It might work with the 2.10 GHz, but we can't guarantee the best QuickBooks performance.


To learn more about the system requirements, I recommend checking the link.


Complying to them should help you install and run QuickBooks in no time, @UOS. Let me know if you have other concerns or questions for me. I'm here to provide answers.

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Re: QB 2019 Enterprise Server Installation

Thanks for responding Honey Lynn.


The problem I have is prior to installation I call tech. support and asked if a multi-frequency processor as mentioned would work with QB 2109 Enterprise and they said yes.


I am now having issues with muti-user mode not working, only allowing one connection to the database. Had tech. support remote in and still no luck. They even edited the QWW.ini file to "enablenonrecommendedmode=1" with no success.


My concern is if I invest $1,000.00 on another processor for my server that meets the system and that still does not work then what? I guess I don't understand why tech. support said it would work to begin with and why when they remote in having access to system config. they still did not say that the cpu clock speed was not an issue?

QuickBooks Team

Re: QB 2019 Enterprise Server Installation

Hello, UOS.

Allow me to share some additional information regarding using the multi-user mode via QuickBooks Enterprise 2019.


QuickBooks Desktop uses a database file manager to communicate with the company file. The Recommended multi-user set up is having the company file stored on the Host computer. If you're using a server to host your file, one computer still has to act as a Host. You must not turn on hosting for workstations.


I'd like to check the settings for you and get it taken care of myself. However, as much as I would like to get this handled directly, multi-user issues require pulling up your account information, which I am unable to do in this public forum. 


I know you've already called in. However, I still suggest getting in touch with our Technical Team for further investigation. A phone agent has the appropriate looks, like screen sharing, and they can take a better look at this.


You can reach them through this link:


Here are additional references that might be helpful for future use:


You can always get back to me if you have additional multi-user questions. I'm here to help.

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Re: QB 2019 Enterprise Server Installation

Thank you for your input 




Thanks again for your insight and responses.