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transfer from qbdt to qbo

We are moving from QBDT to QBO but are setting up a new company and just exporting lists (eg Customer list) into it.

Is there a 'map' which tells you what fields will map to where and how to covert the column order in the QBDT Excel export to match the QBO sample Excel file?


Also, when we export the customer list from QBDT it doesn't seem to export some fields such as mobile telephone  numbers.  Yet there is a field to import these into QBO. Mobile telephone numbers are not mentioned on either side of the lists of what does and doesn't transfer in the Intuit online article about does and doesn't transfer - link here.



Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

transfer from qbdt to qbo

When you migrating data from QB Desktop, system will migrate the whole data to QB Online, You have to create a new company file with no transactions on your QB Desktop if required. Another option, you may have 2 ways:

1. Utilize a 3rd party tool to migrate only the CoA and Lists. i.e TPExporter for Desktop, TPImporter for Online


2. Purchase a 3rd party service.


QuickBooks Team

transfer from qbdt to qbo

Welcome to the Community, @US6.


Let me add some information about how data move from QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to QuickBooks Online (QBO).


@Fiat is correct, our system will take care of conversion process. Although, some of your lists and reports may not be converted because of the difference in features. It should include the customer's Phone number.


You may check out this article for common questions: Learn about converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


We'll also make sure your data is accurate once we import it to the online version. But, if you'd like to double check, run a Profit and Loss report or a Balance Sheet report in QBO and QBDT and compare the two.


I've added this link that you can use as a reference once you successfully converted your data: Post conversion checks for getting started with QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to get back and post a comment for any follow-up questions. We'll be here to check on your response. Have a good day!

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