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Automatic VAT checks for instant peace of mind

SmartScan™ is a unique product innovation that checks VAT returns for common mistakes. Save, time, be confident that your VAT is right, then submit your return directly to HMRC to comply with Making Tax Digital rules.

Making Tax Digital ready
Desktop screenshot showing how a submitted VAT return with QuickBooks VAT software

Stress free VAT

"Fast and easy to use - the new SmartScan feature is brilliant for picking up duplicate transactions"

Fiona McIlwaine - DNT Chartered Accountants

Your second pair of eyes

Duplicates, inconsistent VAT codes and missing transactions: SmartScan spots them — so you don’t have to.

Save time, eliminate errors

Tap into clever tech that spots mistakes in seconds and gets you MTD ready.

Click and correct

SmartScan™ highlights common errors at the touch of a button. Ditch the duplicates and only pay the VAT you owe.

86% of customers are better prepared for tax time with QuickBooks

  • Detailed VAT reports

    Get an in-depth picture of what you've paid and what you owe.

  • Personal notifications

    Never miss another VAT deadline. You'll get a reminder when your return is due.

  • Future proof

    Your records will be fully compliant with the new Making Tax Digital rules for VAT.

There's a plan whatever your business needs

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does SmartScan do?

    SmartScan automatically checks your VAT figures scans the contents of your VAT return for common errors, duplicates and anomalies. View the SmartScan dashboard before submitting your VAT, so you can catch any mistakes and have confidence in your return.

  • What does SmartScan scan for?

    SmartScan checks all transactions from your current VAT period for anything out of the ordinary. SmartScan provides a summary dashboard of items not included in your VAT return, bank transactions you might have missed, transactions with unusual VAT codes, VAT items that may be duplicates and largest VAT items.

  • Does SmartScan automate my VAT submission?

    SmartScan automates the process of scanning your books for errors, and provides the information you need to fix any issues You can then submit to HMRC from the SmartScan dashboard.

  • Can my accountant use it too?

    Yes, you and your accountant can team up to tackle any errors together… or you can leave SmartScan to them.

  • Is SmartScan helpful outside of submitting my VAT return?

    Yes, as well as providing a quick look at your current VAT return, SmartScan also identifies any duplicates or VAT code errors from any period.

  • Is SmartScan part of my subscription?

    Yes. SmartScan is included with every QuickBooks Online UK subscription at no extra cost.

  • How long does SmartScan take?

    SmartScan automatically runs in the background of QuickBooks. The dashboard can be accessed instantly.

  • How does SmartScan make my VAT return more accurate?

    SmartScan automates the most important checks identified by accountants and auditors at tax time. By surfacing potential errors, you can fix mistakes quickly and have confidence your return is error free.