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Benefits of payroll online

10 benefits of payroll online

Why payroll online is beneficial for your business

Payroll isn't a profitable investment so it's often overlooked, especially by small business owners. While it isn't going to earn you money, the right payroll software will save time and money. Not only will it save you time, but it will also reduce the risk of mistakes. 

Human error in data entry is thought to cost hundreds of dollars per employee every year. When you add in a pressing due date you can see how accounting and bookkeeping without the right software can be stressful and error-driven. 

With the advancement of modern technology, payroll gets easier. And now cloud-based payroll software is making it easy and accessible. Just because it isn't a profit-making part of your business, doesn't mean it isn't advantageous to your bottom line.

Our top benefits and advantages of payroll online

A wide range of businesses rely on the payroll cloud to manage leave balances, accounts payable, tax returns, financial reports, and financial information. There is a lot to handle, and in real-time, payroll managers might struggle to get the job done without the right accounting software; it will be almost impossible or hectic. While you don't have to choose payroll in the cloud, there are many benefits to opting for it over regular payroll systems

  1. Cloud Payroll gives you 24/7 secure access to your system, no matter where you are. 
  2. It's simple to add new employees. 
  3. It's faster and simpler. 
  4. Payments are automated, whether you're paying your employees or the ATO. 
  5. The system automatically reports the relevant information to the ATO after each pay cycle. It's the simplest way to ensure compliance and makes annual reconciliation simple. 
  6. Manual payroll systems increase the risk of data entry errors, but an online payroll software solution increases efficiency. 
  7. The payroll software does most of the hard work for you, which means you have more time to dedicate to tasks that add value to your business. 
  8. You can give your employees access to pay information, rosters, and allow them to apply for shift changes and leave from the online kiosk
  9. Payroll online provides an added layer of security for data protection. 
  10. Cloud payroll doesn't take an expert to manage the process – it's easy enough for all skill levels. 

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

Online Payroll in The Cloud 

When small business owners start their business, they have dreams of working for themselves, not spending every moment balancing payroll and HR. And it can be challenging to get a handle on the legal obligations of pay, leave, deductions, and payroll tax liability. There's far more to business ownership than building a successful product or service; it also comes with looking after your team. 

As your business grows, the weight of this responsibility grows heavier. An online booking and payroll solution such as QuickBooks Payroll Software powered by Employment Hero can provide you with everything you need to manage a small business.

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