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Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud payroll is the newest and most efficient payroll solution. If you have a small or growing business, you may want to consider the QuickBooks payroll cloud function for its convenience and easy access.

With cloud payroll, you can manage your business wherever you are. You can use the cloud payroll login to manage payroll on your tablet at home or approve holidays from your phone as you sunbathe on the beach. 

QuickBooks Payroll combines two key business functions, payroll solutions and accounting software, to make payroll management simple. You don't need to use two separate systems and do the work twice, you can streamline your payroll and business needs.

The Benefits of Cloud Payroll 

You can use the cloud payroll app to access the payroll system at any time, anywhere. Cloud-based payroll provides additional data security and comes with multi-factor authentication, encrypted passwords, and will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity to ensure privacy is retained. 

Cloud payroll Is time efficient and provides you with real-time analytics and data. You don't need to worry about installing software, and it works across all browsers. 

Cloud-based payroll solutions make it simple for your team to stay connected. For example, you can make leave requests, check your employees’ leave balances, swap shifts, and access their tax information, all through the kiosk login. 

QuickBooks’s cloud payroll is paperless, scalable, handles the backups, and most importantly, ensures your business is compliant with ATO regulations and standards. 

Some of the features of QuickBooks Payroll are: 

  • Automated reporting to the ATO in every pay run
  • Automatic calculations for super, leave, and termination payments
  • Accurate calculations of the award wage based on the industry
  • Reports and information on pay runs, employees, super and PAYG
  • Customised payslips
  • Employee self-service that enables them to update their personal details, submit timesheets, and apply for leave

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

What You Can Do With QuickBooks Payroll

Small business owners often feel stressed when handling payroll every month. Accuracy is vital when managing payroll and a reliable payroll system can change the way you operate your business. You can use QuickBooks cloud payroll software offering to create rosters for your team, automate deductions and super payments, as well as employees’ entitlements and wages. 

Use it to forecast your budget and manage it down to the last cent. You can even look back at old reports and timesheets to review seven years of records. 

QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero makes payroll simple.

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