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bank description column is wrong.

I downloaded bank transaction to cvs file , the amounts and description column were all correct, but when I imported the transaction to Q.B, I noticed that the  bank description column is wrong:  instead of the correct description in the CSV file  "insurance Group" is it described in the bank description column as "Groupon". how do I fix this?

K.R., Sandi


Re: bank description column is wrong.

Welcome back to the Community, love hate.


I checked if there's an ongoing issue about this, but there isn't currently one. When you map the CSV file before importing it to QuickBooks Online (QBO), does it recognise the description column?


When preparing the CSV, make sure to removed all symbols in the Amount field and any non-transactional information in the file, such as account numbers, opening, and closing balance.


As an initial troubleshooting step, try logging into your QBO account using a private browser (incognito). There are times that the browser is full of frequently accessed page resources, causing some unusual responses.


Here's how:


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + N (Google Chrome).
  • Ctrl + Shift + P (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  • Control + Option + P (Safari).


Once logged in, try to import the CSV file again to double-check. Please refer to these articles for further guidance:



If it works, return to your default browser and perform a clear cache. Every so often the cache becomes overwhelmed with older data which can potentially cause viewing and performance issues. Clearing it will refresh the system, and you'll be able to work with a clean slate. However, if the issue persists, try using other supported browsers.


Let me know if you have any other issues or concerns, and I'll get back to you right away. I'm always here to help. Take care!

Community Explorer **

Re: bank description column is wrong.

Thank you for your advise, but I am afraid that the CSV file has the correct description , and somehow, Q.B changed the description for "Insurance group" to "Groupon" after downloading.  

I would like to know if AFTER downloading the CSV file and accepting the transaction, I can amend the BANK description column , as necessary.


QuickBooks Team

Re: bank description column is wrong.

Hi love hate


Locate the transaction from the reviewed section, select the the transaction and edit the description.

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Re: bank description column is wrong.

when you check the actual ledger entry, it shows the correct description. Therefore it must be an anomaly on the review sheet but goes into the ledger correctly!!!