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Level 1

QB Enterprise 14.0

Without any warning QB error " QB reached expired date and will no longer open company files" We have a backup"How do we get access to our files and export it to excel?"


QB Enterprise 14.0

Hello there, Trevor13,


You can download the trial version of QuickBooks Desktop. Then, restore the file from there so you can export it to Excel.


Before you start, make sure your computer meets minimum requirements to install QuickBooks. Then, select the link for the version you want to use. Save the install file somewhere you can easily find it, like your Windows Desktop.

On the other hand, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Team to check the status of your licenses. 


Let me know if you need additional information by commenting below. I'm always right here to help.

Level 1

QB Enterprise 14.0

I have down loaded and installed QB Premier trial version as per your suggestion. However, the following error message popup when I restored my backup file "You can only open this company file only in QB Enterprise Solutions" Could you assist?

QuickBooks Team

QB Enterprise 14.0

Hello, Trevor. 


I'm more than happy to assist you open your Enterprise company file. I'd also like to clarify regarding the availability of the versions. 


We're unable to open Enterprise company files in Pro or Premier versions. We don't have QuickBooks Enterprise for UK. Although, you can get the US and International versions (available from resellers).


Did you download the US version for Enterprise 14.0? If so, you can get the trial here: Download a trial of QuickBooks Desktop.


In case you're using the reseller's copy, you'll want to use an updated or supported version to open the file. You can contact their support or store to ask for one. 


If you're still unable to open the company file, you can contact our support. They can use their tools to help you open it. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help menu. 
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help
  3. Click the Contact us link. 
  4. In the Contact us window, choose a topic like Solving Issues & Error Messages.
  5. Scroll down and choose how you want to reach us. 




You can also find our contact details here if you can't access the Help menu. 


After accessing the company file, you can check these articles to help you export your data: 



You might also want to uninstall the Premier copy if you don't need it. You can follow step three in this article here


I'll be here if you have other questions regarding QuickBooks Desktop. I am also willing to listen if you have follow-up concerns regarding the process. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

QB Enterprise 14.0


Are you using QBES UK verson? Company doesn't support any upgrade version of it. You may have some options:

1. Downgrade to Premier UK version.

2. Migrate to Premier US version with the one time license

3. Migrate to Enterprise US version


Check our profile and send your email address in a private message. 

Level 1

QB Enterprise 14.0

I have down loaded the US version. Error" This file is not a US version"

I am in South Africa and our QB Enterprise 14.0 is a UK version was supplied by QB SA.

Is there any QB program that will open my backup file?

This will enable us to get to our files to export.

However, unknown will it be compatible with QB cloud programs?

Is there any known way to open QB Enterprise 14.0 company files to create excel files?

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

QB Enterprise 14.0


If your company is located in SA, you may have 2 options:

1. Purchase a 3rd party conversion service to QB Desktop 2020 US or UK data file and open it on the trial license. Then you may purchase the QB Desktop license to continue


2. Migrate to QBO SA version

Open a QBO account and utilize the conversion service for free.


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