How to send or record invoices | Get started tutorial

How to send or record an invoice

Learn how to remove the stress out of invoicing. Get paid quicker, track payments and customise invoices.

Before you start:
Consider adding a customer before invoicing, or set up your products and services. You can make your brand stand out by creating customised invoices. If you are VAT registered, ensure you have set up your VAT in QuickBooks so you can add VAT to your eligible sales.

How to set up VAT

Benefits include

  • Create and send invoices from anywhere and track them automatically.
  • Get notified when your customer views their bill and, most importantly, when they’ve paid.

Step-by-step guide

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  • Select Sales from the left hand navigation bar and select the invoices tab – or go to the Add icon in the top menu bar and select Create Invoice.
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  • Enter the customer you want to send the invoice to. If you haven't added any customers yet you will be prompted to add one. If you’ve added customers then their details will automatically be populated on the invoice.
  • Next add the date details of the invoice including terms - the number of days a customer has to pay the invoice, the invoice date (usually the date the invoice is sent) - and the date payment is due
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  • Add the product or service that the customer is being invoiced for. If you haven't added any products or services you can add one now or simply select Sales or Hours and add a description. If you've added them the details will automatically be populated.
  • Next add the quantity and the rate for the product/service. You can continue to add products and services that you want to charge the customer for.
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  • To send the invoice select save and send (You can also select save and close if you want to continue working on the invoice later before you send it).
  • You will be shown a preview of the email that will be sent to the customer as well as a preview of the invoice itself. Here you can make any edits or updates that you require.
  • When you are ready, select save and close to send the invoice or save and new if you want to send the invoice and start a new invoice.
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