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The power of QuickBooks in the cloud


Improved Collaboration


When you share data with clients in the cloud, you get fewer mistakes and better collaboration


Uncover More Insights


With up to date, reliable data, you can discover and harness powerful business insights

Always Up-To-Date


The cloud automatically updates to the latest version, so you always have the most current features1


Always Secure


The cloud uses the same encryption as leading financial institutions, so your data stays safe. Read the White Paper


Always Backed Up


The cloud keeps your data backed up, so if your computer crashes your work doesn't


Always Accessible


The cloud lets you log in from any place at any time, so you can define your own schedule



     New features to save you time

Stay on top of your practice with a dashboard that puts you in control. Instantly see what needs your attention with alerts, to-dos and recent activities for each client along with one-click access to their books and payroll.

Your most common tasks are grouped into one menu that shows up no matter which client's books you're working in. Now you can focus more on doing the work instead of finding the function. You'll be able to reclassify transactions, write off invoices and more without searching through menus.

Get free product training, certification opportunities, discounts, resources and all your QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program benefits without leaving QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Get exclusive pricing for accountants. Save 50% for the life of your client’s QuickBooks Online subscription, and receive a single consolidated bill for streamlined client billing. Bundle with Payroll for even more savings.

Easily control what your employees can see and do in your clients' books... and your own firm's. Choose from 3 levels of permissions with just a click.

Get the client documents you need without the hassles of sending emails. The built-in document center lets you request and receive files right inside QuickBooks and it keeps an audit trail of what's been received and what's outstanding.

Multi-User Access


Easily invite multiple users from within the firm to access the books with their own unique login and have them import their clients as well so that there is one centralized repository for all clients.


Simplify with Batches


Save time by reclassifying incorrect transactions and writing off groups of invoices in batches.



Automatically map your client's QuickBooks Online transactions to their Chart of Accounts. Make tax-only adjustments inside QuickBooks Online Accountant that will not impact the books. Generate a tax return in Intuit Tax Online and only pay when you e-file.

Reconcile With Ease


View, troubleshoot, and undo reconciliations with our simplified Reconciliation Snapshot Tool.



Your Resource Center for QuickBooks Online  Accountant

Online Overview


Learn what "working online" means. Also, see how to convert clients from desktop to online.

Features & Add-Ons


Get more out of QuickBooks Online with Payroll, Payments and third party apps.

How-Tos & Training


Enhance your QuickBooks Online knowledge and attend a free online webinar, or watch an array of How-To videos.

Discounts & Pricing


Save your clients more money with special discounts only for Accounting professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

What browsers support QuickBooks Online Accountant?


Windows: Any version
OSX: Any version

Windows: Version 7 or later
OSX: Version 4 or later

Internet Explorer
Windows: Version 8 or later

Windows: Version 5.0.1 or later
OSX: Version 4.1.1 or later

Software Requirements
You or your client must have a subscription to QuickBooks Online in order to create or work on a company file. QuickBooks Online Accountant provides accounting tools which you can apply to your clients' QuickBooks Online files.

Network Connection
We recommend a high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem. You can use a slower connection, but it will take longer to get things done.

Do my clients have their own QuickBooks Online subscription when I use QuickBooks Online Accountant?


Yes, QuickBooks Accountant will enable you to use time-saving features specifically developed for accounting professionals on your clients' QuickBooks Online company files. 

Why do I have clients on 2 different versions of QuickBooks Online?


You may experience a time where you have clients on different versions of QuickBooks Online because we are rolling out the new version a little at a time. To learn more about the roll out plan please read this article from our VP. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about QuickBooks Online Accountant?


Please contact support at (888) 333-3451. Phone support is available Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM PST. 

Is training available for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant?


Yes, we offer live webinars, on-demand training courses and have in-person training on QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Accountant. To sign up or learn more, visit our training page. If you want to master QuickBooks Online, our ProAdvisor Program offers training and certification. 

Is QuickBooks Online Accountant included in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program?


Yes, QuickBooks Online Accountant is now included in the ProAdvisor program. 

Have a different question?


Please feel free to visit our QuickBooks Online Accountant support page.

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Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures
  1. The first 180 days of subscription to QuickBooks Online Accountant starting from the date of enrollment is free. After 180 days, you will automatically maintain full access to QuickBooks Online Accountant if you have an active ProAdvisor membership or if you have at least one current QuickBooks Online client on your QuickBooks Online Accountant client list. If you do not meet the above requirements, you will lose accountant-specific features including access to the Accountant Center as well as the QuickBooks Online company included in the product. Offer is valid for accounting professionals. Terms, conditions, features, pricing, service and support are subject to change without notice.

  2. Data access is subject to Internet or cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to events beyond our control.