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Home > Product & Solutions > QuickBooks Online for Large Accounting Firms

Product & Solutions > QuickBooks Online for Large Accounting Firms

QuickBooks Online for Large Accounting Firms

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We’ll show you how our QuickBooks Online experts can simplify your firm’s transition to the cloud.

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Smiling woman in headphones using a laptop to have a virtual conversation.
Smiling woman in headphones using a laptop to have a virtual conversation.

Save an average of 24 hours per month with QuickBooks Online Accountant.1

The advantage for large accounting firms

When you choose QuickBooks Online, your firm gets more than a flexible cloud solution with an array of powerful features. You also get exclusive access to our team of subject matter experts to make the move online as easy as possible.

Personalized solutions

We’ll help you prioritize your firm’s tools, workflows, and client segments to design a customized transition plan.

Product know-how

Our expert consultants will recommend the right products, apps, and processes to complement the way you work.

Profit-minded approach

Using smart transition solutions that are built to scale, we don’t just help you get it done fast—we help you get it done right.

Find the answers you need

With our team’s broad array of expertise, there’s always someone ready to help at any step along your journey to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online expertise

  • Domain
  • Ecosystem
  • Technology
  • Workflow

Implementation assistance

  • Data file reviews & conversion
  • Custom onboarding & training
  • Client change management
  • Solution architect

Dedicated support

  • Product support
  • Sales

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For your firm

Streamline your success

QuickBooks Online helps cut down on time-consuming tasks, letting your team focus on providing valuable advisory services to your clients.

  • Smarter insights help you leverage data so you can better advise your clients
  • Automated workflows cut down on busywork and increase your firm’s capacity
  • Ongoing support from a trusted partner delivers greater peace of mind
  • Better ROI with a future-ready accounting solution that’s built to grow with you

Screenshot of the Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant tool, payroll tax page.
Screenshot of the Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant tool, payroll tax page.
For your clients

Designed for growth

With the power of QuickBooks Online behind them, your clients have the tools and resources they need to grow their business.

  • Real-time collaboration lets your clients access books anytime, from anywhere
  • Automated workflows make things easy with scheduled reports and data feeds
  • Improved cash flow from real-time financials and instant online payments
  • Better protection with bank-level encryption, detailed audit logs, and more

Screenshot of the Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant tool, dashboard page.
for your clients

Partnering with our Professional Services to help your firm and your clients achieve success in the cloud

by Susan PrattSeptember 14, 2020

For many firms, especially larger firms, navigating the path to the cloud alone can be confusing. Luckily, our Professional Services team is here to help large accounting firms successfully and expediently move themselves and their clients to the QuickBooks Online ecosystem—the foundation for efficiency and profitability. Whether you use QuickBooks Online as a platform to serve all your clients or you leverage QuickBooks Online in a lineup of software choices, we’re ready to help you and your clients make a smooth journey.

The services we provide are tailored to your specific needs, but in all cases, we have unique tools, resources and a map to ensure that your firm and your clients are set up for success in the cloud.

For data file reviews and conversions, our team will take you through an introduction and discovery session so we can learn more about your firm and your clients, including segments, niches, and software. This step will help as we lead your firm through identifying your different “sets” of clients. From there, we’ll run the files through file reviews to determine the best candidates for QuickBooks Online and the conversion prioritization. We’ll complete the actual data conversion to QuickBooks and/or show you how to complete it yourself.

If you have multiple QuickBooks Online Accountant accounts, you may want to consolidate or restructure these accounts (realms). We can lead you through the process, including proposing the preferred consolidation plan, providing reporting with key elements, and conducting the consolidations and/or showing you how to do it yourself. Throughout the project, recurring meetings will be held to ensure alignment.

Screenshot of the Intuit QuickBooks Online how to get started manual.

When it comes to custom onboarding and training for firms and staff, we offer flexible choices to meet your needs. We can deliver regularly scheduled webinars and conduct firm-specific training to help firms feel comfortable using and recommending QuickBooks Online. If you prefer self-serve, we have materials you can leverage at your convenience.

When it comes to your clients, we can help with onboarding and training so your clients can have a good understanding of QuickBooks Online. Our ongoing training sessions help both you and your clients stay up to date on the latest and greatest tools and tips.

For firms that are ready to use QuickBooks Online as a platform to serve all their clients, we offer a few additional services. We can assign a dedicated project manager to work with your firm as you undergo the platform shift to QuickBooks Online. The project manager will identify stakeholders and project team members across Intuit and your firm, and will create both a full project plan and a high-level presentation. The project manager will also schedule recurring meetings and report-outs, keeping teams on track to meet each milestone.

If your firm needs specialized assistance, we have industry experts with domain expertise who can provide specific support, including guidance with strategy, help designing ideal move-forward workflow, and staff training on client conversations regarding the change, pricing and packages, niches, and tech stacks.

Save an average of over 30 hours per month with QuickBooks1.

Success stories

We’ve guided hundreds of firms through their transition to QuickBooks Online, and we’ll put that experience to use for your firm as you make your move to the cloud.

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