Exciting new features in QuickBooks Online will help your clients pay bills easier, calculate sales tax, and better manage projects and personnel.

Help your clients use these new QuickBooks Online features

These four new features will help your clients be more organized and accurate.




Helps clients organize all the pieces of a project in one place.



Progress Invoicing

Allows your clients to bill incrementally and accept payments throughout the course of a job, instead of just at the beginning or end.



Sales Tax

Ensures clients collect the right amount of sales tax every time, everywhere.




Helps your clients manage and pay contractors.

Expand your Role as an Advisor with QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online
to help you manage all your clients, all for free.


Manage clients' books

Access your clients’ books directly from QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Accountant toolbox

Access time-saving resources to cut out manual entry and work efficiently.


Work with clients easier with real-time file sharing and communication.

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QuickBooks Online

  • For your clients
    Perfect for small businesses, sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, corporations, nonprofits and more.
  • Access from anywhere
    QuickBooks Online is cloud-based, so your clients can access their books from anywhere.
  • Organize everything
    From billing and invoicing to payroll and payment, your clients can manage their entire financial picture.


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QuickBooks Online Accountant

  • For accountants
    Designed exclusively for accounting pros.

  • Accountant tools and resources
    With just one login, you can access practice management, client management, exclusive prices for clients and more.
  • Always free
    QuickBooks Online Accountant is a free platform for accountants where you can manage and grow your practice all in one place.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between QuickBooks Online Accountant and QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a free platform designed exclusively for accounting pros while QuickBooks Online is intended for small business clients.  By signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, you have access to unique offerings such as the Accountant Toolbox, new practice management and client collaboration tools, training resources, and discounts for your clients.  In addition, QuickBooks Online Accountant allows accountants like you to access all of the client books from one place instead of having to log into them separately.


How can I add new QuickBooks Online clients to QuickBooks Online Accountant?  Also, how do I connect with my existing QuickBooks Online clients via QuickBooks Online Accountant?

a.  To add a new QuickBooks Online client to QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can go to the Client tab, then click on “Add Client” on the top right hand corner.  Then you can enter in your client’s information, choose the appropriate subscription, and then hit “Save.”

b.  To add an existing QuickBooks Online client to QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can ask your client to send you an invitation to connect by logging into QuickBooks Online, going to the Gear icon at the top right hand corner, then clicking on “Manage Users.”  Under the Accounting Firms section, your client can click on “Invite Accountant” and enter in your QuickBooks Online Accountant email address.  You will then receive an invitation to connect via QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Which QuickBooks Online plan is right for my clients?

Quickbooks Online is available in three different plans: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus.  Find the plan that works best for you and your clients here.

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