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Jannar Dang & Associates teams with QuickBooks to bolster its digital capabilities
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Jannar Dang & Associates teams with QuickBooks to bolster its digital capabilities

Established in 1989, Jannar Dang & Associates has grown its family business to 30 employees with a simple mission: to develop strong, long-term relationships with clients and provide services to help them achieve their future goals.

Like many accounting firms, the arrival and continued impact of COVID-19 put a strain on the firm’s operations. As a result, the firm needed to find a solution to support the team’s productivity and ensure its clients’ needs could be addressed remotely. 

“We have been using QuickBooks Online with our small business clients for many years, and in early 2020 we adopted QuickBooks Tax and QuickBooks Online Accountant to manage our tax and practice workflows,” says Dan Dang, Jannar Dang & Associates’ Director. “The software helped streamline our business processes and being an online platform, it means the team can work remotely.”

Dan, who’s been with the business for 13 years, says the transition to QuickBooks Tax and QuickBooks Online Accountant required a review of their longstanding processes.

“Moving to the QuickBooks suite was a significant change for us. We’d been using our prior solution for 15 years, so it was well embedded in our processes,” Dan says.

“Upgrading to the QuickBooks suite allowed us to review our workflow along with enabling our team to work remotely and be more efficient with our time. The team appreciates the flexibility of working away from the office that the software provides.”

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QuickBooks Tax powered by LodgeiT

QuickBooks Tax has also helped with the import of client financial data from various accounting systems. Dan says that getting returns and reports approved by clients electronically is a great time saver and has improved the firm’s tax workflow.

Plus, being able to drill into account transactions on the spot streamlines the accounts preparation process.

“And once the accounts are complete, we transfer the data into QuickBooks Tax to do the return. It’s very seamless,” Dan adds.

With QuickBooks’ support, Jannar Dang & Associates has gone from a desktop business to 100% digital – and it’s not stopping there. “We plan to continue to look for ways to innovate and improve our business with QuickBooks integrations,” Dan says.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online allows Jannar Dang & Associates to have a conversation with the client. “Unlike our old software where we would enter data and not have any reports to show or let the clients see what was happening,” Dan explains.

The enhanced technology has also provided the company with the opportunity to educate its clients about their finances. Dan says that the younger generation is opening small businesses and is very tech-savvy. “They’re looking for more than “don’t forget to pay your taxes” advice,” he adds. 

QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant lets the firm access its clients’ QBO files and supports the management of the practice. The firm can invoice their clients, track who’s paid and who hasn’t, pay their team, and track their costs.

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