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Growing a business

5 steps to nailing your tradie branding

Your branding will highlight your business’s personality and help you stand out from the crowd. When your branding and design send a strong message, it lets people know what they can expect when they hire you.

Focus on getting this right and you may see your customer list grow more quickly than expected. Here are five simple tips to get you started.

1. Figure out who you are

Before you think names and logos, you first need to define your brand.

Start by listing your business qualities, such as reliable, professional, fast, and efficient. Then think about what makes you different to other tradies. Perhaps it’s your friendly service, years of experience, or that you work outside normal business hours.

Write a sentence that describes your business mission, so you – and your employees – are always clear about the business’s direction. This could simply be ‘To provide quality electrical work to families on the Central Coast’.

2. Pick a memorable name

Pick a name that’s short, descriptive, unique, and easy to pronounce.

If you’re not a wordsmith, look at what other tradies are calling themselves for inspiration or try an online tool such as Biz Name Wiz. As well as picking up name suggestions, you can check domain availability, so you know you’re choosing a name that has an exact URL match for your website.

When you’ve gathered a few you like, run them past friends and potential customers to help you decide. Once you’ve selected a favourite, register your business name so no-one else can use it.

3. Create an effective logo

Just like your name, your logo should be simple, unique, and memorable. It should also be in line with your industry and look good whether it’s on your stationery, vehicle, or website. Clean, unfussy logos with few elements work best.

Remember, your logo is a visual representation of who you are, so choose colours, fonts, and a design that express your brand qualities.

If you’re not creative, there are some great tools out there to help you. Looka and Logojoy let you create logos from scratch, taking your name and colour preferences into account. Alternatively, find an affordable freelance designer.

4. Build a professional website

While word-of-mouth marketing is crucial, a well-designed, easy-to-use website that showcases your brand will also help you attract new customers.

As a small business or sole tradie, you might not have a budget of thousands to call in the professionals. However, with the help of simple web building platforms, such as WordPress, or SquareSpace, you can easily create your own.

For the best results, make colour and design choices in line with your logo. Also ensure your copy speaks to your brand personality and qualities.

5. Get it out there

Now you’ve worked to improve your brand, you need to make sure potential customers see it.

First, add your logo and colours to everything from your uniform to your letterhead – even your work vehicle. Next, leaflet drop local homes and businesses. If you have the budget, try billboards or local radio. To promote yourself online, consider using Google AdWords which highlights your business in text-based or graphic display ads in Google searches.

Unique, memorable branding can really boost your business – just make sure you deliver on it. When you’re on the phone or on a job, be that friendly, reliable tradie that your brand says you are.

Want to make managing your small business easier? Try QuickBooks Self-Employed. And for more small business advice, check out these resources. You can also see our full guide on tax deductions for tradies.

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