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New Payroll Employee Enhancements

In order to improve our processes and workflows for Payroll, we have been working closely with Employment Hero to improve the experience of adding employees to your payroll system. 

We’re excited to share the new design features that will make it quicker and easier to get payruns underway.

What is changing? 

The main changes sit within the New Business wizard and New Employee wizard.

Previously when adding a new business, users would have to navigate back to the business dashboard for every new employee. We’ve improved the user flow by removing the additional step meaning you can now go straight to the New Employee wizard to get started. Simply click on the ‘Add employee’ button. 

We’ve also made a number of enhancements in the New Employee wizard, which we’ve outlined below.

Employment details

This section might look different to what you’re used to but for good reason. 

We’ve changed the field grouping so Employment Type, Primary Pay Category and Leave Allowance Template now sit together. 

Pre-fill functionality

When you select an Employment Type for a new employee, the Primary Pay Category and the Leave Allowance Template will automatically pre-fill, saving time when adding new employees and providing more clarity around the fields required. 

This functionality also extends to Awards - you’ll now see the same fields pre-fill in accordance with the allocated award. 

For even further clarity of these fields and to help users make more informed decisions, we’ve added ‘What’s this?’ tool tips to provide detailed information of each field. This is directly in line with feedback that some terminology was confusing for users.

Tax File Declaration

We’ve also made changes to the Tax File Declaration page. 

If you’ve ever added a new employee without having their TFN to hand we’ve now added a checkbox to better highlight your options on what to do next. Simply check the box, and indicate from the drop down which reason applies to you.

You might have also been skipping over the additional Tax Calculation Options. Historically we had ticked the most common options as a default. To make this clearer, you’ll now see all the options available, making it easier to select which options best apply to you. 

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