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QuickBooks Online Accountant introduces 3 new features to improve functionality for firms with multiple team members

When you have several team members, collaboration is an essential component of success. We’re excited to announce a series of feature improvements in QBOA designed to optimise inter-firm communication and client connection. These improvements will secure connections with your clients QuickBooks Online (QBO) files, provide increased visibility into your team member activities, along with improved custom report collaboration. These changes are being rolled out to all QBOA firms at the moment.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from these three improvements, and how they’ll benefit your firm and your clients.

Assign a practice lead to your clients’ QBO files and never lose access again

Here’s a situation you may have encountered before: A new client invites a team member to connect to their QBO account. A few months later, that team member leaves the company. How does your firm regain access to the client now? If you’re like some, you may have created a generic email account e.g., in order to accept your clients’ QBO invitations without the risk of losing access in the future.

We’re happy to say the days of using generic accounts for this situation are over! Now, you can allow clients to invite specific contacts within your firm to access their QBO account without the risk of losing access. Should a “lead” team member on an account leave the firm, QBOA will prompt you to assign a new lead team member as the primary point of contact for the client, ensuring your access to the client’s account won’t be interrupted.

To learn more about designating a lead team member, click here.

Keep track of your team’s work in the QBO audit log

The audit log is a convenient place to track all activities within a QBO account — it’s your master record of what’s been done. Up until now, you could not see which team member performed which action listed in the audit log—everyone was included under the general label of “Your Accountant”.

We’ve revamped the audit log capabilities so you can see the name of the team member who completed an action listed next to each corresponding activity.

Knowing who’s worked on what activity will help you ensure the quality and integrity of the work you do for your clients. It can also help you monitor potential fraudulent activity within your firm.

It’s important to note that your clients will not see individual team names attached to actions when they view the audit log—they’ll only see the name of your firm next to each activity. If your client is connected to a second firm (like their bookkeeper for example), you’ll see that firm’s name next to their corresponding QBO activities.

This change will apply to all upcoming activities, and won’t impact past data or records. Click here to learn more about the audit log improvements.

Figure 1 – US example displayed

View and edit custom reports across the firm

Collaboration is easier when everyone is on the same page. With QBOA’s new reporting capabilities, all of your team members who work with a specific client will be able to view and edit each other’s custom reports.

You’ll be able to customise which team members have access to each report, with the option to share custom reports with your team members (“Firm only”) or team members, your client, and other firms connected to your client (“All”).

custom report name in qboa

When your team is working on a “Firm only” report, everyone in your firm, working on that client, will have access to the same customised report, updated in real-time, thereby eliminating duplicate or out-of-date reports.

Note that if you’re working on a report shared outside your firm (“All”), the reporting experience does not yet include these changes.

Learn more about custom report sharing here.

We trust these improvements to QuickBooks Online Accountant save you time, improve visibility and enable greater collaboration between your firm and your clients.

To sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant or learn more about it, visit:  

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