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Running a business

5 must-dos to be a top-rated tradie

When you work in a trade, word-of-mouth matters. In fact, reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from a customer can make or break your reputation, and sometimes even your livelihood.

When you’re a tradie, you’re only as good as your last job. So making a good impression should be high on your to-do list. But, along with the daily stress of running a business, how can you pull it off?

Here are the must-dos to being a top tradie.

1. Return calls promptly

As a tradie, getting calls from potential customers throughout the day is pretty standard. However, picking up your mobile mid-job isn’t always practical.

While customers don’t expect you to put spanners down, they do expect a prompt return call. So, be sure to call them back asap, even if it’s just to say you’ve got their message and will get back to them. Remember, customer service begins from the very first point of contact.

2. Send thorough quotes quickly

When looking for a tradie, people usually get quotes from three different businesses before making their decision. Make sure you stand out by not only giving your best price, but also sending your quote quickly – ideally within 24 hours.

While indicative quotes over the phone are okay, a full written estimate (with time frames) off the back of a detailed consultation, at home or otherwise, is preferable. Not only will it help you price more accurately, you might also get the opportunity to win potential clients over in person. Flat out? Create quality quotes fast with accounting software, like QuickBooks Online .

3. Call first, and show up on time

Having a tradie in the house can be an inconvenience, especially when the customer has taken time off, or made special arrangements to be home when you get there.

The worst thing you can do is arrive unexpectedly (even if you’re early) or show up late.

To arrive and find a happy customer, always call when to confirm your arrival. If you say you’ll be there at 9am, then be there; don’t make them wait.

4. Clean up your mess before you leave

It goes without saying that when you’re on a job you should respect your customer’s home, not take too many breaks, and be friendly and polite. However, there’s also one other important thing you need to do: clean up before you leave.

While your work may be top-notch, if it’s surrounded by dust and dirt, then your customer won’t be too happy. Nobody wants to clean up someone else’s mess, especially when they’re paying the bills. A clean house and a job well done are sure-fire ways to get a stellar referral.

5. Stay connected on social media

Once a job’s done, don’t let it end there. Use social media to stay connected and top of mind with your customers after the work is done.

Using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can showcase your work, connect with clients, and promote your services. Because communication is two-way, you can also get valuable feedback to make your customer service even better.

Being a successful tradie isn’t only about delivering good work, it’s about ensuring your customer service exceeds expectations. When you’re working, ask yourself, what can I do better? If you do, your job book is sure to stay full.

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