KOI Desserts Video

‘We have a knack for sweets’ Reynold shrugs standing in a state-of-the-art kitchen, bustling with colourful cauldrons and armies of glazed desserts. Reynold Poernomo is one of three brothers (with Ronald and Arnold) who run KOI Dessert Bar. It’s a ‘tribute’ to their mum, who is still very much alive and influential.

The passion started as kids with their mum, Ike, making macarons from scratch at home. Reynold recalls his mum ‘failing’ over and over, before eventually perfecting the recipe and process. Through a family friend, Ike started supplying macarons and cakes to local cafes, and both the business and passion grew from there.

The boys all tried different careers, but cooking magnetised them. ‘No matter what, we’d always get pulled back into hospitality’ says Reynold looking at his brothers. ‘It might have long hours, but we love it. It’s the heart of our family.’

Reynold recalls his mum ‘failing’ over and over, before eventually perfecting the recipe and process.

Call KOI a dessert bar, but one thing’s for sure - ‘it is not a patisserie’. To the Poernomo brothers, food is fashion. And they don’t follow trends — they set them.

Their creative method goes beyond traditional french techniques and styles. The brothers are experimental, ‘which is more fun’ smiles Reynold. They enjoy provoking people with flavours, like combining their Southeast Asian influence and modern techniques with seasonal local Australian produce.

But it wasn’t long before they realised that creativity is difficult to maintain when you’re cooking madly to keep up with demand. Creating new things requires time. And for the brothers, it’s QuickBooks Online that helps free up time to be creative.

They send invoices from their phone that are payable with a click. They can track sales as they’re brainstorming the next winning dessert. They can track stock so they never run out of fresh ingredients. All from the palm of their hand. Because if it wasn’t already clear — these boys don’t sit at desks. Ever.

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