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With Intuit’s FREE paycheck calculator, you can calculate paychecks for hourly or salary employees with confidence. Simply enter your employee’s pay information, and we’ll crunch the numbers and show you how much to pay and what to deduct for taxes. We make sure your calculations are accurate with the most up-to-date tax tables, so you don’t have to even think about it. And it’s a simple matter to include overtime, bonuses, or commissions.

Hourly Paychecks

The hourly paycheck calculator option estimates net pay for hourly employees after taxes and deductions are withheld. Just select the hourly pay rate option to enter the number of hours worked and the gross hourly rate.

Salary Paychecks

The salary paycheck calculator option estimates net pay for salaried employees after taxes and deductions. Select the salary pay rate option to enter gross salary amount, and net pay is automatically calculated.

Throw away your spreadsheets and tax withholding tables, and try it out today. Happy calculating!

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