Payroll & customer payments

Worry-free paydays & payment processing

Easy payment processing and payroll in the cloud

Easy-to-use payroll options

Do your clients have employees or work with contractors? QuickBooks Standard and Advanced Payroll are perfect for small businesses.

Invoicing with payments

It’s easy to create custom invoices that look professional and customers can pay by credit card right in the invoice.

Add efficiency with apps

Clients with complicated time tracking needs can connect apps like TSheets to easily bring the information into QuickBooks Standard Payroll.

Compare Standard & Advanced Payroll



$20 + $2 /employee




$20 + $2/employee



Print pay cheques
Print pay cheques on pre-printed cheque stock—right from QuickBooks. 

Run payroll & calculate taxes
Run payroll and automatically calculate payroll taxes right in QuickBooks. 

Payroll reports
Run reports in QuickBooks to get the info you need to keep things running smoothly.

Direct deposit
Pay employees by direct deposit for no extra cost.

File & pay taxes
File and remit your payroll taxes with the CRA or Revenu Québec.
assisted We help you prepare PD7A and TPZ-1015 remittance forms to print and file.
automaticWe file and remit your payroll taxes automatically every time they're due.

Year end forms
Prepare and file year end summaries and employee forms like T4s and Relevé 1s.
assistedWe prepare T4s that are ready to print and file, and help you fill in Relevé 1s for Québec employees.
automaticWe automatically prepare and file T4s, T4As, and Relevé 1s for your employees and contractors.

Records of employment
Prepare and file Records of Employment when an employee leaves.
assistedWe make it easy to get all the info you need to complete a Record of Employment.
automaticWhen an employee leaves, we prepare their Record of Employment and file it with Service Canada for you.

Employee access
Employees can update their info and view their pay stubs and tax forms online.

Pay contractors
Pay contractors and automatically create and file T4As at year end.

Workers' compensation
Automatically calculate, track, and remit workers' compensation dues.



$20 + $2/employee




  • Print pay cheques
  • Run payroll & calculate taxes
  • Payroll reports
  • Direct deposit
  • File & pay taxes
  • Year end  forms
  • Records of employment
  • Employee access
  • Pay contractors
  • Workers' compensation

“QuickBooks Online Payroll is so collaborative. You can have the small business owner using the platform, the bookkeeper doing health checks and employees and subcontractors putting their time in all at once.”


Tanis Young

President, Maven Bookkeeping Inc

Invoices that take care of payment processing

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Credit Card: 2.9% + 25¢ /transaction

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Simple & accurate payroll - free

Your set of books in QuickBooks Online Accountant comes with your choice of payroll - free.

Make it easy to get paid

Give your clients the option to pay by credit card right from the invoice.

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