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Streamline your year-end

With Workpapers and Pro Tax in QuickBooks Online Accountant, you get all your year-end tools in one spot.

Simplify your year-end workflow

Efficient workflow. Accurate data.

With client data already in QuickBooks, you can get started on year-end preparation faster. Plus, a single source of data means there’s less room for error.

The link between books and tax

Make adjustments, add attachments, notes, gifi mappings, and create custom financial statements in Workpapers. Get easy access to the tools you need for your engagements.

File faster online

Transition seamlessly from Workpapers into Pro Tax where you can EFILE T1 and T2 tax returns. It’s built right into QuickBooks Online Accountant.

See how it works

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You have one source of truth for your bookkeeping, tax, and year end. It makes everything so much easier
Joshua Veldman, CIO - Envolta Inc.

All the nuts and bolts

Accounting software designed to make your work easier

Manage your clients’ books in QuickBooks Online Accountant. Connect bank feeds, attach receipts to transactions, and set rules to automatically categorize business expenses. Use the month-end review feature to ensure nothing gets missed throughout the year.

QuickBooks Online Accountant makes it easy to keep the books clean year-round, so you have accurate data moving into tax.

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Everything from files, to cloud links in one place

The Document Manager in Workpapers is the single place to attach, collect, and organize all of the documents associated with a client engagement. No more transferring files back-and-forth between various computers, drives, or other software.

See how Engagement Document Manager works (4:32)

Efficient year-end adjustments and analysis

Eliminate the need to export data by comparing prior and current tax-year data side by side. Then record new activity in a separate Adjusting Entries field, which captures your changes directly to the books while preserving Workpapers data.

Custom reporting in just a few steps

With Groupings & Statements in Workpapers, you can group accounts using simple drag-and-drop to make your own custom reports, and attach a reference code or leadsheet to ensure a proper compliant paper trail. Plus, everything is automatically saved for you to use next year.

Save time, reduce errors, and optimize your year-end report process

Export editable reports from Workpapers. Generate a detailed financial statement that includes the Notice to Reader (NTR), balance sheet, and an income statement based on your groupings.

No need to export data

Once your books are ready, your data moves seamlessly into Pro Tax where you can EFILE T1 and T2 returns. Pro Tax is powered by the same technology as Intuit's desktop professional tax software, but it's built right into QuickBooks Online Accountant to give you a more streamlined year-end.

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An easy backup of all your work

With the Workpapers’ Download to Zip feature, one click allows you to download attachments, notes, reports, PDFs, tax mapping and links associated with your client’s file. It's a simple way to backup your work and great for showing your paper trail during practice audits.

Make year-end more efficient, start today

Using Workpapers and Pro Tax requires QuickBooks Online Accountant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workpapers is best suited for compilation/notice to reader engagements. That’s because some of the higher level assurance engagements (review/audit) need extra schedules, notes, and or compliance items that exist outside the QuickBooks Online Accountant ecosystem. While CaseWare might be better suited for review and audit engagements, the streamlined cloud-based ecosystem of QuickBooks Online Accountant Workpapers allows for everything to be in one place.

Learn more about Workpapers

With Workpapers, you can easily review and re-assign GIFI tax codes. When you’re ready, you can export a standard GIFI file to Pro Tax, ProFile, Excel or any other tax software.

Your clients do not have access to Workpapers and cannot access any of the work you perform in Workpapers. However, the adjustments you make to the books are live so there is no need to make a separate transaction.

Changes can be made to the books, however all changes show up in the Workpapers area to be accepted or declined. There is also a lock feature that can be activated that restricts users from making changes to the books - unless a password is provided.

All of the financial statements, notes, attached files, tax mappings, and gifi exports are eligible for download in one click using the Download to zip feature. It’s great for archiving - especially if you no longer have ties to your client.

Pro Tax T1 is available at a special introductory price of $450.00/year (regular $500/year). Pro Tax T2 is available at a special introductory price of $700.00/year (regular $875/year). Your subscription includes unlimited e-filing4.

You can try Pro Tax T1 and T2 for free. To access your free trial, log into QuickBooks Online Accountant and navigate to the Pro Tax tab. You can create and edit up to 7 T1 or T2 returns. A paid subscription is required to e-file.

Learn more about Pro Tax

Pro Tax has all the same T1 and T2 forms as Intuit’s ProFile Tax Software. However, Québec forms are not supported in Pro Tax at this time. We are adding new forms regularly5.

Click here to see available T1 forms

Click here to see available T2 forms