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Cant connect Investec Bank Account?

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Cant connect Investec Bank Account?

I'll help make sure you can connect your bank, @jeremy-aloevets-.


The following are the possible reasons why you're unable to connect your Investec Bank in QuickBooks:


  • Some banks have multiple names on our list. 
  • The bank might not connect to all types of accounts (for example, personal accounts vs. business accounts).
  • The bank may not be a participating financial institution. 

First, let's try using other keywords or links to locate your bank. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Select Connect account if this is your first time connecting it to online banking. Otherwise, choose Link account.
  3. Enter your bank name or URL on the search bar, and then choose your bank from the list.
  4. Type your username and password, and then select Continue.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps connect.
  6. Click Connect once done.

If none of these work, you can contact your bank to request they establish a connection with Intuit. For the detailed steps, please see Step 3 in this article: Find your bank or credit card account when you connect to online banking.


When you're ready, you can start categorising and matching your entries to ensure they're accounted for correctly and prevent any duplicates.


In case you're unable to download your transactions in QuickBooks or run into an error, you can use this handy resource to resolve them: Bank fixes in QuickBooks Online.


I've got your back if you need more help with managing your online banking in QuickBooks. Just click the Reply button so I can assist you further.

jeremy aloevet
Level 1

Cant connect Investec Bank Account?

I have been trying for a year but this is still not sorted out. I cant connect investec bank account so I cant use quickbooks online.

Please can this be corrected?

jeremy aloevet
Level 1

Cant connect Investec Bank Account?

QuickBooks Team

Cant connect Investec Bank Account?

Thanks for joining us here in the Community, @jeremy aloevet


For this issue, you need to try reconnecting your account using a private browser to help us determine if this is a browser-related issue. Let's confirm first using your browser's private window. Here's how:

  • Google Chrome, press CTRL  Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Internet Explorer: Press CTRL  Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

If you're able to connect your bank account using a private browser, you may need to clear the cache of the regular browser you're using.


If the issue persists, I suggest reaching out to our QuickBooks Online Support Team to check and investigate this further for you.


You may also read these articles to learn more about online banking:

Stay in touch if you have any other banking concerns, I'll be happy to help you. Have a good one!